iPadOS 14.3 RC: Whats New?!

Apple just released the new iPadOS 14.3 RC (release Candidate). We got some new setting features and a bunch of bug fixes to get ready for the final release!

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Welcome to episode 5 of the series everyone! We are going over OneNote for the iPad Pro!

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  1. Hey man, thanks for making this. There's always way more videos about phones when updates come out than iPads but i'm a huge iPad stan so thanks for this!

  2. Bro I’ve been watching for a wile love your content. Your audio has improved ?. Finally subscribed lol.

  3. On the last ipados 14.2, I noticed that the mouse pointer becomes bigger and the mouse becomes less responsive on certain cases. Did anyone experience similar things? Does the update fix it?

  4. They should fix the problem that ipad can’t open some sites as they should be opened like in a pc

  5. Sounds like MORE of these huge memory gobbling “improvements” (like the enhanced fitness app mentioned, the iPad watch app, the addition of LIDAR functions, etc., that are deployed with with ONE GOAL IN MIND (and it’s NOT to make customers happier!)…

    That goal IS & HAS BEEN developing MORE tools/apps & MORE functionality so that FULL SPECTRUM DATA HARVESTING is accomplished w/ maximum efficiency & AS LITTLE CONSUMER AWARENESS AS TECHNOLOGICALLY POSSIBLE…

    Why can’t they offer updates that DONT include all the extras???? What if I’m elderly and want to be able to PICK & CHOOSE my improvements THE SAME WAY I CAN PICK & CHOOSE MY APPS????

    If I only have a 64GB iPad, and am a basic user (i.e.: elderly, or young child) who NEVER uses any of this crap and either has no clue about cloud storage or simply isn’t interested in it…. Then WHY SHOULD I BE FORCED TO CREATE SO MUCH HARD DRIVE SPACE FOR FANCY BIG BROTHER TECH I DONT WANT & WILL NEVER NEED???

    Ooh wait… I know why…. it’s because the updates ARE NOT FOR US!!! Silly me.

  6. To call this a ‘huge’ update seems a bit of a stretch or clickbait. Things like mouse support and widgets were huge for iPad, a few minor settings are simply not. Aside from that, keep the videos coming, absolutely like to stay up to date on where Apple is taking the iPad!


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