iPadOS 14.3 Beta 3: Shared iPad Mode??

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  1. "so they don't have to buy $1000 dollar iPads for every other person [in the family]". Man, tech YouTubers are so out of touch with reality

  2. What app does you use for those storage widgets? I use an external samsung drive for my iPad Pro and it’s frustrating that I can’t see how much storage is left on it. Does the app you use show you the storage for external drives?

  3. "Note: Manage Apple IDs don't support Familiy Sharing" – so it's not the solution for families… :/

    I TOO ONLY USE THE IPad Pro 2020 to do my designs, loving the illustrator for the iPad really nice

  5. Whenever they release beta version for ipad, your review find very usefull.?
    Wallpaper looks cool,any links?

  6. You know which update I am looking forward to? Xcode! If Apple brings Xcode to the iPad that will be a dream come true for me. If apple really want to make the iPad a PC, they should make it like one. If apple brings coding IDE’s on the iPad I will be very grateful! Hope apple will bring these to the iPad

  7. Hi …..it was a nice video as always???…..i just dont know from where u got that wallpaper ?
    Its too beautiful

  8. I don’t know if this has to do with the update but we can now hear Instagram stories when visiting the Instagram website in the Apple Safari app.

  9. Has iPadOS 14.3 sorted out the bugs with the trackpad gestures/mouse pointer size and animations from 14.2 or is it still the same ?

  10. This was already available at our school when it was still in person. However, the interface was not as fancy as this one.

  11. That would be a great feature! However what I want the most is a better multitasking experience: how do I know if an app will open in slide over or in full screen? Why can’t I close my slide over apps within the app switcher? Why can’t I open an app at the homescreen in slide over? In my opinion apple really needs to address this problems and maybe make the Dock more like Mac OS where you have a symbol showing you if an app is currently open or maybe even in slide over.
    What do you think?

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