iOS 14.3 GM (Release Candidate) is Out! – What’s New?

iOS 14.3 GM released for all supported devices and brings with it a number of fixes for iPhone and iPad. iOS 14.3 Release Candidate is the new name instead of iOS 14.3 GM and brings support for AirPods Max, Apple Fitness+, Apple Pro RAW, new Privacy features, Search engine options, bug fixes and more. In this video I go over all the features, updates and changes in iOS 14.3 Release candidate GM using iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPad Pro, iPhone 6s Plus, and iPhone 12 Pro. #iOS14 #iPadOS14 #iPhone #apple

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***Time Codes***
00:00 – Introduction
00:35 – Size
00:50 – Apple also released
01:07 – Build number
01:34 – New features
08:07 – iPadOS 14.3 RC
08:19 – Bug fixes and Resolved issues
10:14 – Security updates
10:35 – iOS 14.3 Public release date
10:58 – Performance
11:26 – Battery life
12:37 – Should you install iOS 14.3 RC?
13:11 – Benchmarks
14:08 – Wallpaper
14:20 – Outro
14:40 – End
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  1. I can vouch BRAVE_TOOLS on Instagram when it comes to phone upgrades he’s services are fast and legit

  2. I can vouch BRAVE_TOOLS on Instagram when it comes to phone upgrades he’s services are fast and legit

  3. Hy, I like your wallpaper. Tell me the name of the wallpaper or where I can find it.Thx

  4. For my 12 pro , i have issue while zooming in a recorded video while playing it in the photos application. Does any one else face this issue?

  5. Hey everyone! I have the iphone 12 pro max and somehow i am not pleased with the color of the screen dont know if it’s screen calibration or of this is a new trend but when i use my ipad pro 11 2018 or my Windows laptop or my oneplus 6 i cant help feeling that the iphone 12 promax has the worst display its too warm and the colors are too muted i did try using color filter but still not pleased with the result. Is anyone else experiencing this?

  6. What about the green screen in dark pictures or photos in iphone 12 ? Has 14.3 this problem still ?

  7. One bug I would like to see Apple fix for the iPhone is optimized battery charging because battery optimized charging keeps turning on on my iPhone XR even when I shut it off it turns itself back on and yes I know what a on and off switch is I am very smart and into technology. I have tried different techniques to get it to stay off but it doesn’t my battery is at 93% maximum capacity but still optimized battery charging shouldn’t turn itself back on especially after you have shut it off! This is getting very annoying especially after I have done everything to turn it off it still doesn’t stay off! Apple shouldn’t be controlling my battery optimized battery charging feature I should be able to have it turned off and expect it to stay off!

  8. Does it fix tint problem on mini and touch issue acter locks screen and do colors look washed

  9. no one does it BETTER thán.. ronny_tools…..on INSTAGRAM ..he got my device fixed perfectly

  10. no one does it BETTER thán.. ronny_tools…..on INSTAGRAM ..he got my device fixed perfectly

  11. no one does it BETTER thán.. ronny_tools…..on INSTAGRAM ..he got my device fixed perfectly

  12. I can't stop thanking @vil_crack on Instagram he got my iCloud back successful after so much stress

  13. I just got a new iPhone 12 it’s on iOS 14.2.1 do you know how I can update it to iOS 14.3 to be compatible for my backup off of my computer

  14. Hey aron so I have been watching you for awhile now because I'm getting my first iphone this Christmas and I wanted to ask about the display when you say downscale will the quality get slightly better or did you mean something else.. also love your videos ♥️
    Im getting the 11 btw

  15. Is anyone else having quite keyboard click sound and lock sound on their iPhone 12 pro max??

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