iOS 14.5 and iOS 14.6 Beta 2 – New Feature, Battery, Issues and A Few Days Later

iOS 14.5 released to the public and iOS 14.6 Beta 2 Developers and Public Beta release a few days ago. iOS 14.5 and has and additional feature that was not mentioned in prior iOS 14.5 release videos. In this video I go over issues with iOS 14.5, a new feature, performance, iOS 14.5 Battery life, existing bugs and issues and help you decide if you should install iOS 14.5 and iOS 14.6 Beta 2. I also go over when to expect iOS 14.6. In this video I am using iPhone 11, iPhone 6s Plus, iPad Pro 12.9, iPhone 11 Pro Max, and iPhone 12 Pro Max. #iOS14 #Apple #iPhone

***Time Codes***
00:00 – Introduction
00:53 – New Feature
01:47 – iOS 14.5
04:50 – Green Tint
05:50 – App Tracking Privacy
07:37 – iOS 14.6 Beta 2
08:25 – iPadOS 14.5
09:59 – Battery Health and recalibration
11:12 – iOS 14.5 Battery life
11:51 – Should you install iOS 14.5
12:42 – Should you install iOS 14.6 Beta 2
13:23 – iOS 14.6 Release
14:16 – Community Poll and Comments
18:51 – Conclusion
19:31 – Outro
19:50 – End

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  1. Which version of iOS are you using? I hope you have a great day and thanks for watching. It’s much appreciated.

  2. iOS 14.6 beta 2 is amazing, and I mean every letter in that word, it’s been the best iOS since iOS 12. Normally my phone would heat with simple things like texting then the phone would lose frame rate and die fast but not with beta 2.

  3. Hello sir how r u. Ios 14.6 beta 2 is sluggish and slow your gave false reviews of what it was performing great

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  5. iPhone 11 my battery improve from 86 to 91 after a few days after I update to 14.5

  6. Since I’ve updated my phone has been running crazy hot! It hung up while I was on a call and showed a thermometer said phone is too hot to use.

  7. I am running 14.6 beta 2, cell reception sometimes has fits where it goes on and off several times within a timeframe of around a minute. Also taking screenshots on its own. Hard reset, also factory reset and still have the issue

  8. Apple Pay has error when adding money it declines and changes the amount you want to add to the max allowance for daily

  9. iOS 14.5 causes some applications like Instagram to crash occasionally. At least on my iPhone 11.

  10. My iPhone 8 the other day it shuts downs it’s self the battery was unable necesery peak power

  11. Hi Aaron. I updated my phone to the public version of iOS 14.6 beta 2 and I am having an issue with it. I'm using it on my personal device and when I switch from wifi to cellular data, it shows 3G and now I am unable to use 4G LTE on my iPhone 7 plus. Do you think that this is a software related issue? and if so, do you think there will be a fix for it in the next update?

  12. There is a issue with face unlock there are time it ask for passcode and don't want to unlock with face id

  13. Hi great video as always. You mentioned that you might wipe your iPad, if you do can you do a video on it. Thanks

  14. Battery 🔋 is draining fast with this recent update🤦🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️

  15. I had my iPhone 11 for 2 weeks now and when I installed 14.5 my battery health dropped to 99%. What should I do

  16. Apparently Apple have finally fixed a major long time issue with cache data getting stuck in the Other storage category as in the days following the installation of the update the Other storage category on my IPhone 8 64GB model has shrunk from close to 10GB down to only 5-6GB but it does fluctuate between those two numbers when I’m using YouTube but it will always go back down when I reset YouTube! I also used to have only 200-400MB of storage left but thanks to the update I now have 3-4GB of available storage so I should be all good on storage on my IPhone 8 for quite some time thanks to the update! 🙂

  17. Anyone having issues with their iPhone 12 Pro Max screen seems adjusting the light automatically? Even though it’s turned off in settings

  18. I believe ios 14.5 may have corrected an issue I was having with auto brightness, where it would just dim the screen on my iPhone 12. It would appear it now responds correctly, and adjusts to the area/room/lighting that you're in.

  19. I got a iPhone 12 and update it to iOS 14.5 and feel like my battery is draining a little fast hope the next update fix it

  20. A new glitch appeared today on my iPhone 11 Pro Max – on deleting mail it reappears after a few moments. Had this trouble on a previous beta. Have reported via feedback. Otherwise good performance….

  21. On my iPhone XS, my battery goes from 95% to 60% overnight.Airplane mode,LPM, background app refresh off, everything. I regret going to iOS 14.5. Wish I could go back

  22. I usually only charge my iPhone 11 Pro Max to 80%. With it being recalibrated on iOS 14.5, should I now charge to 100% each time to let it do the recalibration? Or would it impact the calibration process if I continue charging to only 80%?

  23. I’m facing issues with iOS 14.5 camera app. It crashes when switching between modes

  24. I'm facing a strange charging issue with my iPhone 11 since 14.4.2 through 14.5. Today my phone charged till 80% it didn't charge any further for atleast an hour, so I restarted it and found that it jumped directly to 90% 😐😐. Strange right?

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