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How to see what Facebook and Google are tracking on your iPhone!
Apple makes some of the coolest tech you can buy, but did you know they are also making some of the most privacy-focused hardware and software? Let’s break down Apple’s new approach to privacy and how it might impact its products like the iPhone.

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iPhone 13 and Google

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  1. Thank you Tim Cook, I'm all Apple all the time. I don't give a damn about Siri/any other i assistant. I want privacy over saving a few seconds of time.

  2. you guys eating all the Lies 🤣

    don't go a waste my time here but for exampLe, yes the iphone aLso otrack you everywhere you go just like googLe, do you own research

  3. Privacy is freedom. Nobody knows how Important it is until they loose it and it catches up to them. Thank you Apple for being one step ahead and protecting our privacies and never letting us down in design.

  4. I would rather get less accurate information / services and more privacy vs a creepy accurate competition that can guess what I was thinking before I say to type it.

  5. I'll take privacy over customizability or having Siri work a little better. We are seriously screwed as a society when we choose the later.

  6. I love the way Apple is going with privacy it’s absolutely worth it kudos to Tim Cook I love you man….

  7. I don't mind the data collection for the sake of convenience, that being said, I'm about to switch to apple anyway because of their processor running at such a low temperature and it just makes sense to be in the ecosystem for everything. I will miss being able to look up what I did, when and where. I'll probably also miss the targeted ads. If I'm going to see ads, I'd rather see ads that are relevant and that I might actually want.

  8. At the end of the day it's better AI has more and more data which improves our daily lives. We can't stop the machines 😅

  9. I switched to Apple in 2008 from a PC system , I was fed up with the whole Windows system.
    At the time, I used Nokia phones, best phones ever. Then came the iPhone, and a new age was born. As the years have gone by, Apple have just improved there system in leaps and bounds. Excellent security, and total integration of the whole of the ecosystem, and free system upgrades for at least 10 years, Im still running a 2008 MacBook Pro on Snow Leopard now, its the machine Im using to write this. 13 years old.
    Once you go Mac, you dont go back.

  10. All in on the Apple ecosystem and I love how it's privacy focused, unlike Windows and Android. I can't help but recommend Apple products now if I'm honest. I used to be against them for the repair aspect, but then I found out that places want to charge you $400+ to repair an old device, so the repair aspect really doesn't mean anything to me anymore.

    Keep up the good work with the videos. 😊

  11. apple doesn't really care about privacy, just look at what they really doing, also read the damn privacy policy for fucks' sake.

  12. Yes. Because of all of the privacy issues now leaving me no choice but to give my privacy when I’m on these websites I have officially stop using Google Chrome or anything Google related. I now only use Safari. I love my iPhone. I think I need a new MacBook Pro though. I have a feeling Apple slowed down my MacBook Pro. Apple has a reputation of slowing down our devices. My MacBook Pro is It’s beyond slow and I’m pissed.

  13. Everything outside of the apple walled garden is now too creepy for me to ever leave.

  14. Here’s some food for thoughts.

    You’ll still get ads all around, except now
    1. They will be less accurate for you
    2. They will benefit big companies or government that can afford higher Ad cost, instead of small business that used to run ads to get leads and clients.

    So yeah in appearance it’s good for the users… but when you look at second and third order conséquence this change will just increase the power and reach big companies have over small business – as well as now being more visible to push any kind of agenda they want to the end user.

    Food for thoughts

  15. No… Have your childhood taught you nothing “Slow and steady wins the race.”

  16. I agree with your stand to keep Apple working on privacy. Reading through some of your responders, it feels like a very large percentage agree with our opinion. I am a subscriber (recent) as you are passionate in your various subjects. Keep it going, I love your information.

  17. Does IMAZING work on an iPad and an iPhone, I have both but they are getting fairly old and they need updating this (next) year. Ken.

  18. Thank you,Apple. I’ll never use another phone, Fuck Alexa and Google assistant!

  19. Hmm… some 20 years late but still, it is a step forward. Congrats Tim Apple. Lol

  20. I dont mean to be rude or anything but you are not a 100% sure apple does not collect info from us, as a developer and iPhone user I know its impossible to be 100% sure of this even if they claim it.

  21. Been a proud apple user for 6 years now, since i entered ios world, there’s no going back. Jobs did a good job hand picking Cook to be his replacement. He might not be as genius as Jobs but he has strengths on his own that he was able to grow the company to this point. Kudos to the hard working team!

  22. 98 Google and Facebook fanboys (shareholders) have thumbs down this video so far.

  23. I would absolutely love to see Facebook broken up. Please please please. Facebook sucks.

  24. I respect Siri a lot more now that I understand her (perceived) flaws. Lol. Thank you Apple for all your efforts!!

  25. I definitely appreciate what Apple is doing. It has kept me a client for the last 12 years now. Yes, some of their products are more expensive, and maybe Siri is it as fast as some of the others, but I appreciate safety over speed.

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