Roblox Jailbreak Season 3 Update! New Apartment Revamp and Robbery Revamp (Roblox)

Roblox Jailbreak Season 3 Update! New Apartment Revamp and Robbery Revamp (Roblox)

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  1. VG Mom: it’s time for lunch what do you want? VG:soy sauce) Soursalmon1282

  2. 5 likes = asimo adds soya sauce vending machine in jailbreak
    Twitter= Toxichydra


  3. Apartment revamp? It’s probably just to make people buy apartments. (Btw I’m writing this comment before watching the entire video)

  4. When is season 3 coming? And also make sure to watch my jb videos for glitches and cool roblox gameplay

  5. user name: knightlegand676
    asimo be like new robbery i be like what then soya sause

  6. One like = asimo would increase cash for doing robberys.. liked the video and subed also….

  7. pls robux me noob i like your channel in sub user RobloxgamerYT_123450 just 1000robux pls pls

  8. i liked and pls let me get robux i want to get gamepass for jailbreak and get 1m drone

  9. Just an idea for a new robbery it is : Appartment robbery, like in u can rob the appartments so they have more purpose, they should also add a lil hidden bottle of soy sauce xD

  10. Ur soy sauce cause the sewer is soy sauce I like soy sauce I should eat the sewer

  11. When I played season 2 I didn’t get the things that go on the back of your car that has like fire or white fire the one vg is using is it I’m I gonna be able to try and get it again in season 3?

  12. VG can you tell me what the background music is called I wanna use it in my videos I’ve been looking for it for a while anyways I liked the video and subbed

  13. What if he where to add shops where you can buy clothes, more pets, you can buy houses, where you had to eat to live, restaurants, ect.

  14. Hey VG!
    i don't have the S.W.A.T pass, can u give me 350 roux in the next video please, it is my dream pass. 🙂

  15. VG: oh mt gosh This Jailbreak update right now
    asimo: Enjoy!
    VG: Thank You Asimo
    Roblox UserName: LHM778

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