M1 Mac SSD Swap Issues Explained: Should you be WORRIED?

Reports have been EXPLODING about the SSDs in Apple’s M1 Macs wearing out way too quickly because of excessive SSD Swap Memory usage. Is this ACTUALLY a real threat? Let’s find out!
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In this video, I explain what SSD Memory Swapping is, as well as why this concern has only recently been brought up with the new M1 Macs.

I then get into real-world results we’ve found online from real people to see if this is actually becoming a common problem or not.

Then, I finish off with some tips on how to avoid this issue if you’re worried about it.

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  1. Were you surprised by the results we got on our M1 Macs? What about those software bugs? Comment your thoughts below!
    The BEST M1 Mac on Amazon (ON SALE) ➡ https://geni.us/1mJ41T​
    Subscribe for more videos like this one! Best deals on M1 Macs & Accessories on Amazon ⬇️
    M1 MacBook Pro (ON SALE) ➡ https://geni.us/7lb3Gn​
    M1 MacBook Air ➡ https://geni.us/1mJ41T​
    M1 Mac Mini 2020 ➡ https://geni.us/Atm1​
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    Max tech wallpapers ➡ https://bit.ly/2WNc6Qw​

  2. 60 years from now:


    MacBook Pro Max M300X User with 5900 GB of RAM and 3000 TB of storage:

    Why is my memory usage at 0.0003%? ._.

  3. Me when this happens, mum can I have a new one . I get a new one my friend be like you spend thousands £s more. I’ll be like does it look like I care

  4. How can I check my ssd ?, can anyone let me know?, I'm a beginner doing this. Thank you for the answers!. 🙂

  5. Apple needs to keep apps made by google and microsoft from swapping too much!

  6. I have MBP 13 2019 (4 port) and have been used it everyday for daily code since last December in 2019
    Currently the percentage used is 9% checked it using smartctl command line
    Does that normal?

  7. phew…ty…reading this title made me almost cancel my 24 inch iMac and getting a higher ram and ssd model

  8. 14 years is way longer than anyone would keep their Mac.

    Eyes my 11 year old 2010 MBP that I've almost never shut off 🤔

  9. Could you in the future make a demonstration if SSD lifespan gets more affected by using the Windows within Macbook with M1 chip?

  10. I run my 2013 14" with an m.2 SSD 100% left 32TB written already in 6 months. Also 2TB SSD like in the M1 so, you should be worried. I have Samsung 970 Evo Plus, interchangeable and last even way longer. apple 3% / Samsung 0%

  11. Never trust Apple's engineers or the "planned obsolescence", that why we had so much scandals in the recent years. Apple is like VW, they try to hide their dirty pants all the time and refuse to fix stuff on purpose. If your computer dies faster, you would sooner buy a new one, which makes them more income.

  12. Could you give a test if this problem appears with windows from parallels on m1 macs??

  13. The point is not how much it swaps. It’s all about its irreplaceability when it’s done for.

  14. The safest course seems to install a thunderbolt SSD and install Mac OS there. It's also cheaper to get more storage than upgrading through apple. I might do this if I get one of the upcoming M1X macs

  15. I think Apple has fixed the swap issue in their latest MacOS Bug Sur 11.3. Since I have updated to Big Sur 11.3, most of the time, my Activity Monitor shows 0 bytes swap usage, even when softwares like Xcode, Android Studio and iOS simulator are running. You should definitely update to MacOS Big Sur 11.3 if you are worried about SSD health of your M1 Mac.

  16. If you get a time machine backup disk and start backing up (for example, at a home c dock), your worries of losing data will go away, even though this issue probably has a very low chance of happening anyway. Time machine is just good in general.

  17. Max Tech – so glad I found your channel. You helped me decide on what and when to buy! Thanks!

  18. Geeks fear of unknown Computer technologies. Oh no! Swapping is standard on PCs since 20 years and more. Alls HDDs and SSDs can handle that. Senseless video.

  19. I want to know, if I buy a macbook and then want to get the ssd replaced by giving it to apple, can it be done or not. (Not considering the cost)

  20. Max, please get on board the Right To Repair movement… The fact that Apple is building their devices to de disposable if a single part fails is inexcusable in a world that is suffering such an acute silicon component shortage. I will be holding off of purchasing a new Apple product for as long as possible. I still use 2008 and 2009 iMacs which I have upgraded the HDD to an SSD and replaced the SSDs on many of them which suffered 300TB+ of write volume.

  21. Its not a software thing – when you have less space on RAM, OS uses disk – its about 40 odd year old tried and tested workflow for OSes. So yea if your workflow pushes 16 GB limit – OS will go to SSD, nothing complicated about it. If you are worried about losing ssd because of reads and writes, the lifespan reduces yes – but unless you are doing big data and writing truck loads of data – like running spark and hdfs locally on an average – you should be fine.

  22. Shame that Macs are now more disposable than ever.
    Great way to screw the customer and the environment.
    Stick to an old Mac where you can swap SSD and RAM.

  23. But wait, in Windows you can use an external drive as a swap. Can't we just completely remove the issue by doing the same in mac os? EDIT – The issue can be completely fixed my installing mac os to an external Flash SSD drive.

  24. Why am I not surprised that Chromium may be to blame? It's always been a memory hog.

    I'm just excited to see what's to come. This is only the first generation of the Apple Silicon transition, and entry-level at that. Can't wait to see where it goes.

  25. The problem began with SOLDERED SSD.
    In Windows or Linux computer, they aren't. Replacing a worn one (expensive though) is easy.
    Not so in Mac. Never so in Mac. Never. NEVER!

  26. I’m surprised by how an Apple fansite like this one and the Apple fans in the comments are willing to give Apple a pass. If you watch Constant Geekery Apple M1 Ssd survey Results – part 1 he said the issue is real. If it’s not Apple would have said something. Also:
    – The writes are by the system OS and apps.
    – Chrome writes memory and video buffering to SSD. So tons of tabs open is bad. Also you are literally wearing out your ssd using it to watch YouTube videos. Use Safari instead. (This is not meant to be Chrome bashing or Safari boosterism. It’s what the video reported). Safari doesn’t write video buffering to disk. Firefox and Edge also do. Do you want to wear out your ssd watching YouTube?

    I believe Big Sur is also buggy (I have 34% percentage use on a 1 year old Owc ssd in a 2015 MacBook Pro but it’s warrantied for 5 years. If only Apple would go beyond one year warranty. I also have to use Chrome for work. The company standardized on Google office apps). I also believe Apple knows about the issue and won’t cop to it. Why would they as long as people are willing to give them a pass by willing to pay for replacements or ignoring the problem.

  27. From my experience OneDrive is one such buggy app that contributes to high swap usage. It can bug out and cause both the main process and the finder integration process to consume excessive memory as well as high CPU usage from the Disnoted process. Don't know what the cause is but it is a real issue in an office that uses OneDrive for Business.

  28. Wow, that’s a proper explanation, investigation and information delivery! Sherlock Holmes would approve;) Thank you very much!

  29. What if there was a secondary SSD for memory swapping? One that could be easily replaced.

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