M1 iPad Pro Buyer’s Guide – DON’T Make these 7 Mistakes!

Looking to order Apple’s NEW M1 iPad Pro but have no idea which model or upgrades to buy? This video will guide you through mistakes to avoid and upgrades worth paying for! Let me explain..
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Choosing the right model and upgrade options for the new M1 iPad Pro can be very difficult, especially if you’re not really sure which ones are worth it.

In this video, I break down 7 common purchasing mistakes that you need to be aware of, and then I break down exactly which model you should be buying for each different use case!

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Timestamps ⬇️
M1 iPad Pro Buyer’s Guide – 00:00
Mistake #1 – 00:39
Mistake #2 – 01:40
Mistake #3 – 02:26
Mistake #4 – 03:49
Mistake #5 – 04:25
Mistake #6 – 05:40
Mistake #7 – 06:32
Best model for Casual Use – 07:03
Best model for Artists/Note-takers – 7:34
Best model as a Laptop Replacement – 7:49
Best model for Professional Work – 8:28
Best model for HDR / Color Grading – 8:52
Use Links in Description to order! – 9:23

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  1. Were you surprised by Mistake #4? Comment your thoughts down below!
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  2. For the first time I won't be getting the new iPad pro. The 2021 iPad pro line up is literally a gimmick. There's absolutely nothing new! Ok it's got the new M1 chip. Which is literally a gimmick for the A14 plus or whatever. Let's call it M1 and all the YouTubers are going nuts. The additional power is literally going to be wasted. I have the 2020 pro. Nothing software wise touches it. Seriously what is the point of more power that will just go to waste. I wish apple would develop useful software. It's a complete and utter gimmick this year. Not even a proper amoled screen. Mini oled is good but still no match to amoled

  3. But, you can get at least $150 to $200 back if you sign up with AT&T, Sprint/T-Mobile or Verizon. You get it in a gift card. But at least you get most of it or all of the $200 back, and it would be nice to have the Cellular function when you can't get Internet. Some of us want to have the Cellular and the 5G is the cherry on top. T-Mobile has already been working on their 5G. I chose to have at least 1TB of storage and the 16GB is the cherry on top for that as well.

    As far as the keyboard, as long as you have it opened, it should work, just closing it around the I-pad, then it would be an issue.

  4. I am a photographer that do lots of editing of raw files, currently using the IPad Pro 2018 12.9, which is really fast, I wonder if I should get this new iPad

  5. I would argue people that plan so simply browse the web, use the iPad for note taking etc are still absolutely fine with 128GB… but moreover, the 2020 model might be an overall better deal considering current discounts …

  6. I use mine as a non-professional use laptop replacement.

    In other words…..a laptop for use at home to browse the web, play music through earphones on a Sunday morning, watch content on Apple TV / Netflix, etc…..so the display is VERY important…..I also like the ease of having the cellular connection when I’m out-and-about.

    For that, the 12.9”, 256gb IPad with cellular is perfect. I have absolutely no need for massive storage or crazy amounts of RAM – I’ll never use them.

    With the Magic Keyboard.

  7. What i want to cennect the iPad with a monitor… is that posible, that i have the picture of the iPad ok the monitor?

  8. I have the 2020 iPad Pro and most of the time, it's great however I find myself wanting something better. It's a big media device mostly education uses but if they bring xcode to iPad than that will provide more reason to upgrade. I have always gone with the smaller "Pros" but I've been thinking about getting the bigger one. I could use it as a 2nd screen while watching udemy videos, youtube, youtube tv, etc. If I went the bigger route than it could be a 2nd screen just about along with my M1 MBP. These two could be really all I need. I've been wanting an iMac but I being able to take my MBP everywhere. I can just get a great monitor for it and I might just be set.

  9. i’m a incoming freshman and want my ipad to last all 4 years for note taking, papers, and other school related things. what specs do you feel are necessary/optimal? i will be studying engineering. i will be getting the magic keyboard and apple pencil to go with it as well

  10. Totally appreciate this vid, but some of us just have the means to get the best. Which I always do – the last one was with me for 3 years, so expecting the same from the 2021 12.9” 1TB

  11. I ordered the Apple Pencil & 256 GB 12.9. This is my first iPad ever I’m excited. 😊

  12. The main feature is in ipad we cannot download torrent files or any movies but in s7 we can do what ever we can i this ipads are advanced ssds
    And we can't open some websites as it is on ios format,😂😂😂😂puny ipad
    What is the use of m100 chip in it?

  13. I Just want to play the heavy games on a ipad idk which one i want it to last 4 years. I was thinking about the 2020 pro 11 inch

  14. You forgot that only the 5G version has a built-in GPS, for those that need built-in geolocation capability.

  15. Let me summarize: Buy ipad 11' with 256 Gb and WiFi only. ( this config would meet all needs of 99% of the ipad users)

  16. Hi, im still confused of which size to buy. I'm thinking the 12.3 because of the display. I'm a civil engineer who will be using autodesk movile apps, show renders and videos to my clients, using some VR to show the building process so that's why I want the best quality to show. I use a drone to take photos and videos so I will edit them on the iPad. I'm I making the right choice?

  17. Hey did you guys checked out the new logitech combo touch keyboard for the 2021 ipad pro? It's on Apple website, I'm curious about how this is going to compare to the magic keyboard.

  18. I'm starting to wonder if people aren't thinking for themselves anymore or youtubers just assume people are kind of stupid and they have to make videos to help those poor people out who can't think for themselves anymore. Might be a side-effect of youtuber and google, people stop thinking, but start googling right away.

  19. Anyone use Procreate here? I just want to know if 128 is enough or not. Purely for Procreate/drawings only. TY

  20. I''m buying the Microsoft Surface Go 2

    Edit: It is the best tablet I had. I have an Ipad now i'm selling it. This thing is blazing fast, kickstand amazing, Windows tablet mode with Apps is the best.

  21. Great vid mate, this went a long way to help me decide. I reckon I'll get the 16gb RAM if only for future proofing.

  22. As a casual computer user, I've sold my 2018 Intel MacBook Air and have pre-ordered a 256GB iPad Pro 12.9". Couldn't justify the extra storage with all my OneDrive, Google Drive and iCloud subscriptions lol.

  23. When it comes to the upgrading to get cellular model, Apple is currently having a promotion to the point where they give you the $200 back for getting that model. And tablet data plans aren’t too much if interested.

  24. This is isn't 2010 when the iPad first launched, iPhone OS is NOT going to cut it anymore without serious substantial systemic upgrades to iPadOS.

    Homescreen changes, widgets, select MacOS apps? That's not enough. Apple is holding the iPad back – a gimped Operating system is not going to attract Surface users and established iPad power users are increasingly getting frustrated by the limitations and compromise.

  25. According to the video, just get the cheapest amazon tablet, that way you can save thousands!

  26. Wait!? You're telling me that unless i do pro content, ACR content (whatever that means), I won't see any advantage by getting the 12.9" iPad that has up to 1000 nits max full screen brightness? I will only still get 600 nits? Are you sure? Won't I get it when watching movies or videos?

  27. Hi, I am confused, can the ipad pro replace the new imac? I was thinking of buying one but not sure which, my uses are art, education, pro editing and gaming..

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