iPhone No sound After IOS 14 Update Fix

This guide is for this is for those that have updated to the latest version of Apple iOS and they are having no sound or sound based problems. This guide will show you to deal with the iPhone No sound After IOS 14 Update issue.
This can also be applied to any version of IOS as well, newer and older. Try the tips shown to fix your device for iPhone or iPad.

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  1. I updated it only plays threw bluetooth. Headphones now its so annoying , the videos wont even play unless im connected

  2. Anyone plz give me an answer for why my iphone 11 Screen lock sound quiet sometime and louder sometime..any one plz???

  3. Thank you so much! I already fixed my audio on my iphone. This video is very helpful !

  4. Your funny?! What sense does it make to post this through a Youtube video if the problem people have IS with Youtube?! As my YT doesn’t work, how the f… am I suppose to watch your video?!

  5. Guys if you’re using a screen protector that could be the reason why the sound muffled x

  6. I rested my phone even though I applied every method i met repairer but its still giving mic issue after update from 14.2 to 14.4

  7. I’m just gonna get a new phone with the protection plan that i have with t mobile cause nothing is working

  8. I can’t hear anything at all I hope this helps even tho his talking in the video 😭

  9. I play pubg mobile when i stream it with my mic on i cant hear the game and my friends in game but when i go on stream it looks okay pls help me!

  10. I’m on a iPhone 8 and when I put earphones on the sound doesn’t work it comes out of the speaker?

  11. I cant slide the volume up or down,how to fix?reset setting and reset phone does nothing

  12. Iphone 11 mic issue, when I turn on speaker the mic was not working and turn off speaker mic was working, any one suggest me what is the issue and how to resolve this problem

  13. I'm here because my dumb ass hit the mute switch and I didn't even know there was a mute switch. Here I am thinking I messed my brand new phone up. Thanks a lot, everything is good now.

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