How to Transfer Minecraft Bedrock Worlds from iOS/iPadOS 13 to Windows 10 for Free Without Realms!

In this video, I’ll be showing you how to transfer your Minecraft worlds on iOS/iPadOS 13 devices over to Windows 10 without paying for Minecraft Realms or using a USB Drive/external storage, so it’s completely free!

You will need an iOS 13 or iPadOS 13 device and a Windows 10 device connected to the same local area network, and Minecraft Bedrock on both devices.

This will not work for the Java Edition.

I will typically respond to most questions in the comments within 48 hours.


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  1. TroubleshootingDo not reply to this comment, I cannot read replies

    At 2:10, if typing in just the address (without the /##) does not work and gives an error, then try typing in the /## after your IP address on your iOS device. If that doesn't work, try the alternate method below.

    For those having trouble with the method used in the video, here is an alternate method you can try. Make sure you have the Google Drive app installed on your iOS device.

    In the minecraftWorlds folder in the iOS Files app, tap and hold the world folder you want to transfer–this should bring up a popup. Tap "Share," then tap the Google Drive app. Tap "Upload."
    Then, go to Google Drive on your PC. Download the file that you uploaded. If it is not a .zip file, make sure to add a .zip to the end of the file name when downloading. Then, locate your file in File Explorer, and extract the .zip file. Inside the extracted folder (not the extracted folder itself), you should see your world folder. Then, continue with the tutorial on your PC as if you are on your iOS device. Just be sure to view hidden items by clicking on the “View” tab on the top of the File Explorer window, then checking the box “Hidden items.”

    I apologize for how inconvenient this tutorial is for some people. If I get enough requests, I’ll upload an updated version. If you need additional help, please reach out via Discord.

  2. for some reason my android 11 won't let me connect to a server anyone know how to fix this

  3. bro pls help me i dont get it. so i got google drive and imported the file on my pc and changed the name and i extracted all what should i do now I DONT GET IT

  4. I'm still having problems with both methods, I have the zip folder of my world in my laptop but I still cant transfer it to my minecraft. can someone help me :c

  5. its in my minecraftWorld folder but isnt showing up on my Minecraft. Any comments?

  6. is there any way to transfer it to a pc with java edition? or its the dumbest question ever?😂

  7. Thank you so much. You explained in 4 minutes what took me hours of googling to work out!!

  8. i couldnt connect the server it says "wrong ip. if same problem happens again contact your administrator".

  9. hi when i went into the thing at 3:01 it said "Content Unavaible" then it said that the file doesnt exist

  10. You can also put it into the public user folder then just transfer it into your minecraftWorlds folder all from your Windows 10 device.

  11. just realized why it isn't working for me. i have java edition on my windows 10 and bedrock edition on my ios. the reason why you probably see a folder labeled "16", and not "users" is because you have java edition. lmao i'm so dumb. i didn't read the description. it says it does NOT work for the java edition.

  12. I saved my mcpe world folders on a share drive. But I could not find the pc folder to put them in. This video really helped!!

  13. Hey I need help so after I tried to connect and it worked but I had to put /16 after it for it to work but after that it just kept saying “loading” but it’s not loading. Is there anyway for it to load?

  14. Question if I were to transfer my world to my pc and I play the world on the pc let’s say I build a house in the pc world will it show up if I log into my phone the same world?

  15. thanks so much now i can mod my worlds with tool box and import them thanks so much

  16. i know this is really late but if there is any way you can help it would be greatly appreciated – i have the world uploaded to minecraft on my pc but its only the seed and has nothing ive actually built, any ideas why?

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