How to root Christmas cactus cuttings!

How I rooted my Christmas and Thanksgiving cactus cuttings. Update on my cacti and cuttings.

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  1. Do wait until the cutting has dried over at its cut spot. Or place them in water right away?

  2. I can watch your videos all day, such a calming voice and can't wait to try this, they're ADORABLE!!πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ₯°

  3. Can you put them in water right away after picking them? Or do you need to wait a day or two?

  4. When rooting in water do you change the water often? You put the cuttings in fresh without healing for a few days?

  5. Love your plants. How big does a cutting get? I have 4 do I put them all in one pot or their own?
    Great info πŸ’–

  6. From England ❀ Yes I love your voice also
    I have tried every method published on YT always leving to scab over for a couple of days ; used free draining compost; with and with out strong light etc BUT the cuttings always go hard, crinkley and brown an die … I have killed over 40 cutting HELP needed

  7. Thank you for your tutuorial. Really helpful. You have a really cool accent; love it.

  8. I have Christmas and Thanksgiving cactus trimmings rooted in water. Can I just plant them straight in soil or do I need to let them dry? Do the roots need to be a certain length?

  9. Suzanne here, when i root my cuttings in water, which i always do, i use very small glass cups,and very little water,

  10. om, Suzanne here, i do this just as you say, and i rarely get one to live at all, they are so hard for me, i have like 50 plants like this , i do think i am not watering them enough, i have no problem rooting them in water but once i put them in soil they always shrivel and die, ugh, but i am not gonna stop tryiign, haha i always end up buying new plannts

  11. why would you use bark??? never seen anyone use that before, hey what ever works for ya

  12. Hello, I was wondering if we can we use rooting hormone on it before placing it into the soil?

  13. Amy, Can I give my new Christmas cactus cal/mag and epsum salt to avoid transplant shock?

  14. Your videos are amazing!! I have a question, what is the difference between Christmas cactus, Eastern cactus and Thanksgiving cactus?

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