Apple CEO Tim Cook Is Gay…And I Don’t Give A Crap

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  1. It's more sad when you realize there's now a pride month dedicated to gays and the like. ugh

  2. I don't give a damn if he's gay or not, I hate him cuz he's a fucking idiot and he works with NSA!!

  3. "Greatest gift God has given me"? which God is that? Last I checked he thinks its an abomination. Maybe with Lucifer as his God its good to go. LOL Crazy people in this world


  5. Being proud of one's sexuality?! Wtf?! That makes zero sense…
    It's like saying that one is proud of being black/white.
    Just like skin color, it's not something you CHOOSE, you're just like that. 
    I mean, nobody did anything to be born with a black/white skin color, just like nobody chooses to be homosexual/heterosexual. 

  6. I wouldn't go in that part of town it has blue people and they do odd things in their bedrooms. Shut up and deal with it their people.

  7. "I'm gonna stop identifying you as a gay man, and I'm gonna ask you stop identifying me as a straight man…or a fat man."

    LMFAO I about lost it

  8. Thank you for this video. I was thinking the exact same thing when he said this because it was all anyone would talk about for days. I would be having conversations with people and they would tell me about this piece of news and I would always be like I just don't care. It annoys me that we feel the need to put labels on everything. If I win a price I would be offended if someone said to me oh you are the first (insert label here) to win this prize. 

  9. so we should lock ourselves in the closet and listen to offensive gay jokes made by relatives, coworkers and classmates so they can pretend we don't exist. sorry but i disaree. In my country you're gay you're fired, why is that? not because gay people are extremely rare or anything, but because they're all in the closet married to women, they don't dare to speak a word for their rights. you seriously think if everyone stopped talking about race or sexuality people would stop discriminating? so naive.

  10. I understand and sympathise with Freeman's position. It is, however, simplistic and misguided. I understand where he is coming from, because he is NOT racist. But to "stop talking about it" does not make bigoted people change their opinions.

  11. I may be a bit late in the discussion and what I have to say may already have been said, but let me just stress that his (and other famous people's) coming out is important to young gays and lesbians because it gives them hope that no matter who they love or have sex with, their homophobic friends and families may wish them to hell in a handbasket but they can still become successful members of society.

    Ok, things may be a bit more easy and open in 2014 but back in 1994, being a gay kid was very isolating and discouraging. I only wished I had some strong gay icon to look up to; growing up would have been a bit less complicated.

  12. Mate i couldn't agree with you more i hate it when people put so much emphasis  on race religion sexuality etc and in the end all it leads to is confrontation if your gay that's fine i don't see why people have to make such a big bloody song and dance  about it anyway mate I love your stuff keep up the great work 

  13. It's actually laughable when straight people try to educate about how homosexuality works. I didn't choose to be like this, it just happened.
    That said, I don't know why Tim Cook has to glamourise it like this. As a gay guy it pisses me off when people make their homosexuality into such a huge part of their life when it really doesn't mean shit

  14. Wow to me both sides are getting it wrong.

    Christians (some): being gay isn't always a choice. I'm not going to say you are always born gay because some people experiment which I don't know why, but they do. Homosexuality isn't a sin. Get over it.

    Gay rights supporters: you aren't homophobic if you don't support gay marriage. Are you polyphobic towards fundamentalist Mormons that have more than one wife? I get you are trying to be tolerant but putting labels on Christians and Muslims or others is not right.

    Personally I can't say what people can can't do relationship wise. However my religious beliefs restrict me from supporting the act, just like I don't think sex before marriage is a good idea. We can be tolerant but we don't have to embrace marriage which what we don't agree with. The act, not the orientation.

  15. To everyone who's bitching about this in the comments, look at the like/dislike ratio. Congratulations, you're a minority.

  16. Why the hell does the LGBT community have to make it into a giant mess every time someone even brings up a gay person?

  17. I get where you're coming from, but when a group of people has been oppressed and has dealt with a disproportionate amount of bigotry compared to other groups, it is kind of a big deal when they overcome that and make something of themselves in a society that holds them back. There are still people who give a shit if this CEO is gay. I'm sure some bigots will boycott Apple because of it. The point is, you persevere in the face of that. You show the bigots you're not going to let them win. I still think we have a long way to go in the fight for equality, so yes it's worth mentioning.

  18. What Morgan Freeman said makes sense. If we act like Black History is separate from American History, than all you are doing is keeping the stereotype going. Who the hell created it? Was the purpose to appease the people of darker color? I side with Morgan on his statement. The more we talk about it, the more dense and ignorant we become. You cannot say he is wrong because it is true. However, you could say it is wrong in the sense that you can't change people's thoughts and opinions, because humans love to hold on to their ideas and not have an open mind.

  19. The "just stop talking about it and the prejudice will go away" argument fails in this case, because most gay people are not visible as such unless they tell you or you find out otherwise. And most people who have a family member, friend, coworker, etc. who is gay are much less prejudiced against it than people who don't know anyone who is gay — but they would never get to find out about it unless they were told, because it's not an obvious visible trait like skin color.

    The only way your argument will work is if everyone stops assuming that everyone else is "straight unless proven otherwise" — and it's unlikely that society will ever get to that point, since gay/lesbian people only make up (at best) about 10% of the population.

  20. What I don't like about this is, that from now on when you express your distaste for Apple or their products, there will be idiotic people calling you homohobic.

  21. I completely agree with you man. Stop making a big deal out of your skin color or your sexuality. If we truly want people to stop labeling or stereotyping people, stop giving these unimportant things any attention. These traits don't define who you are than the color of your eyes or your clothes. Which, for those in doubt, is not at all. It's about what you do and how you treat others and yourself that define you.

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