Why iPhones Don’t Use USB-C

In the past five years, USB-C has become the go-to connector for a wide range of devices. It’s used on most android phones, notebooks, tablets, game consoles, headphones, and even accessories like mice, keyboards, and external storage drives. But when it comes to Apple’s most popular product, the iPhone, USB-C has yet to be adopted. Instead, every model of iPhone still uses a Lightning connector that was introduced eight years ago with the iPhone 5. This has led people to wonder why Apple hasn’t transitioned the iPhone to USB-C, especially for a company who has a reputation of being the first to adopt new standards. So in this video, I’m going to explain why Apple hasn’t transitioned the iPhone to USB-C, and what that means for their users.

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  1. Wireless charging is wrong, it is very inefficient! It also creates heat in the coil which damages the battery!! I'm not an apple user but this change could make people start replacing their phones sooner as the battery decays quicker and since apple trashes devices instead of repairing them, I believe they shouldn't do this! You should always down talk wireless charging as it has no real pros that outway the huge cons! And apple calls itself the "eco friendly company" even when they are pushing energy WASTING products that cause more waste. Lol that's false advertising!

  2. yeah
    but lets talk about how they changed the back of the iPhone charger to the USB-C
    and is now making us spend more money on a new charging block? 🤔😐

  3. I like your videos and learn so much. Maybe you could make one telling us why Apple does not let us arrange App icons to our liking like other phones on the market. Is there a valid reason for that?

  4. Only excuses for Apples backwardness and greed to force their customer to buy expensive Apple equipment

  5. This vid made sense as much as a hammer talking about coherent particles in quantum entanglement.

  6. This guy is like “If Apple does something it is right. Don’t question it”

  7. Im completely on „USB-C ports only on mac“-train and love thunderbold etc …

    But USB-C on an iPhone would obviously be a mistake (not if it already had been introduced instead of lightning back then, then it would be fire 🔥)

    Super happy that all these casuals arent leading the iPhone development and they do the right thing 🙂

  8. I think if lightning cable can endure 65W or 98W of power transfer, Apple would force users to use lightning cables on Mac too. I do not buy that poor Apple theory. Apple made a lot of money from MFi program. They are exploiting users!

  9. Do you really belive this yourself? So many false statements in a video, I can't belive what I'm hearing…. Starting with "Apple is the first to implement new sollutions…" OMG, only new sollutions that will bring income to they're pockets! This is just fake news and should be taken down!

  10. Maybe then can try improve more the lightning cable? Did it can be improve or not guyz?
    Im want to know

  11. I must admit i like lightning. The connector is compact and durable. I stepped on both connectors already. USB-C got a massive dent EVERY Time, Lightning doesn't care, it seems more stable. And since its basically just pins/contacts and copper wire, they should be able to push the transmission speed aswell. USB has the same form for decades, so lightning can keep its form, they just have to speed it up.

  12. Excuses. Lies. You want to know the real reason no one will tell you?

    Apple is the only company that uses a lightning port connector because they want you and the world to know it is an apple product. Period.
    Steve Jobs was an egomaniac. There I said it.

  13. That time when iPhone 12 got released, Anker, Robot, and other phone power companies including the old power brick on your desk goes apeshit caused by excitement.

  14. Another BS vid. They could have easily given the users an "option" to choose from type C or lightening if compatibility was one of the concerns in transitioning to a newer device. But they didn't so that you are forced to buy accessories with only the properietory connection type that only Apple. makes.

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