AIRPODS MAX – Actual Travel Experience

Airpods Max Review – After traveling with them multiple times, how did they hold up?

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Yo guys! In today’s video, I talk to you guys about traveling with the Airpods Max. These headphones are amazing but coming in at $549, they better be almost perfect. I hope you find my real-world review helpful and id love to hear your thoughts!

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Equipment Use To Make This Video –
Canon EOS R5 (A Cam)
A DSC (B Cam)
Canon 15-35 2.8 (Main Lens)
Canon 16-35 f4 (Cheaper Lens)
Rode Videomic Pro + (Mic)
Rode Videomicro (Cheaper Mic)
Aputure 120D II (Lighting)
Aputure LightDome II (Softbox)
Aputure Lantern (2nd Softbox)
SD Card
Gorilla pod
External Hard drive

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  1. Let me know what you guys think of the Airpods Max! I appreciate yall checking the video out!

  2. You do know this go on low power mode with out the case its just takes a few minutes longer before it goes on it so the case you don’t really need it the battery its good enough

  3. Great review, I like how you specified on their volume. The only suggestion I would make is some more B-Roll. Those clips ofithe head phones really adds a level of professionalism to your video as a whole 😊

  4. Take this from former cabin crew; PLEASE TAKE OFF YOUR HEADPHONES when speaking to flight attendants. This will expedite the ordering process for items onboard.

  5. Im very late for this video, but apple said that you don't necessary need the case for low mode. If you leave your headphones still and don't touch or use them for more the 5 min, it will activate the low mode.

  6. AirPods Max tip: in your iPhone in settings go to music and then to go to EQ and set it to Late Night to make your AirPods Max volume louder.

  7. I was sat on the fence at whether or not to keep these,but after watching your video and bringing most things up,apple are going to get mine back and I’m gonna stick with my AirPods Pro.

  8. I bought mine a month ago and I love them! I also love the fact that you can change the ear cups, cool!

  9. crazy. i havent seen any other reviews talk about the volume. that’s a big one for me. just gonna stick to my airpod pros . 👍 dope video man

  10. I just got a pair yesterday. I keep going back to my Sony XM4s cuz they’re so much lighter. The Airpods Max are too heavy and uncomfortable for me. Too much pressure around my ears. They sound great but they’re not much better sounding than the XM4s IMHO. Plus I hate the way they shift around when you move your head. Very annoying. And that stuuuuupid case. Love how my XM4s fold down and pack away nicely in a hard case with ALL the cables included. The AirPods Max aren’t very travel friendly. Like you, I’m going to return them in the next few days.

  11. so real quick… off topic… Columbus, is that the airport. I lived there all my life now in Vegas (8 years) and I promise at the 29 second mark that looks like 270/670 interchange…. But, about the headphones… I can't wait to travel with them… so we will have to wait and see!!! I have beats studios which I dj with, Audio Technica which I use for casual listening if I want to, and AirPod Pros for running or at night in the bed with the wife. The AirPod Maxes serve no purpose for me. I can't find a true "place" or need for them. I had gift cards from Christmas from a store that starts with best and ends with buy. That took a little sting off it. I think they should have been priced around the 349 to 399 price point. But as a apple fan boy, most of us know, Apple products are overpriced.

  12. Don't forget, unless you buy a dongle you can't plug into the plane seat entertainment center. It's OK to be a fanboy, you just have to realize that there are always drawbacks to the products you love. I love Bose and I realize they have limitations. I like Bose sound better than Sony (can't do Apple….that Samsung thing :)) because Bose don't sound really muddy to me. I also got a pretty good price on the NC 700s from Ebay. $200 is far better than $550.

  13. There is adjustments you need to make because they iPhone has a sound test and a ear protection that will keep the sound lower than normal once you adjust them you can truly hear them outside of the cups if your not sure what I’ve mentioned please fell free to ask and I’ll help no worries

  14. I have both the AirPods Pro and AirPods Max. Both are excellent Apple products. But come on, you do get what you pay for. The AirPods Max is the much better product for listening to music and videos. But the compact AirPods Pro are better for traveling out and about or working out.

    Btw, you may be able to increase the sound of the headphones by doing this:

    Settings—>Sounds & Haptics—>Headphone Safety—>Reduce Loud Sounds—>Off

    This is an Apple safety feature that may be enabled that limits the maximum volume of your headphones.

  15. You can go into hearing settings in your phone and make your volume hit waaay harder

  16. Never once did I look at this headset with that craptastic case and think it was meant for travel.

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