AirPods 3 this year, AirPods Pro Next Year, AirPods Max…

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  1. If I have the option to buy AirPods 2 now for a good price in my country should I buy it, or should I wait until September? (I would use them a lot, like 3-4 hours a day)

  2. It will be discontinued just like the original Home Pod and be replaced with a cheaper version of AirPod Max eventually.

  3. I want AirPods Pro Max that have a proprietary solution (not Bluetooth) to give losses audio. Although I still want them to have Bluetooth compatibility for other things that don’t require lossless audio bandwidth.

  4. I’m still in love with my AirPods Pro. I use it daily and noise cancellation changed my life. If I have to wait even 2 more years. I am fine.

  5. Noooooo. I am soooo exited . They making again a pod with a 10 dollars dynamic plastic driver that drives at 19 bit audio chip low rez,compressed by 100kbps sound quality foe the same price as a dac 32 bit high rez wired with a uncompressed audio of 1500 bps analog iem with 10 balanced drivers and 2 beryllium dynamic driver with a 32 ohm quality. Lol. I bet the airpods fan group have no fuckingggg idea what I am talking about. Sony mk3 phone here i come because I am a audio file freak

  6. I use Apple branded headphones but not AirPods, let’s not forget about Beats by Dr.Dre, Apple’s other headphones. My pair of Powerbeats pro have volume and play/pause/skip/back controls, the AirPods still need to catch up. I just hope Apple doesn’t kill off Beats.

  7. I recently bought AirPods Pro. I also have AirPods 2nd gen. I really enjoy the noise cancellation and spatial audio in the AirPods Pro. I generally start my day with the AirPos Pro and then switch to the AirPods when the battery dies. I‘m waiting on WWDC before I buy more hardware.I recently utilized the Apple Trade-in , so I‘ll soon have credit to use towards more hardware.

  8. I can’t wait for AirPods gen 3 to come out cause I am still stuck with my AirPods gen 1

  9. There Will be a Metal not from Plastic AirPods Max with Better Chip, for 300$ with next Jen. And one for 550$ with better Chip.

  10. Yes airtag feature would be nice but we desperately need all-day battery life. Take all my money at that point.

  11. When AirPods 3 arrive you could get AirPods Pro cheaper on sale or the same price this seems a bit weird

  12. I guess I’d be buying 2 sets of headphones: small ones for running/gym, commute, the pair you can have in your backpack/pocket and it doesn’t take any room. And the max for actually listening to music. So I’m in market for both (I have the Sony xm3, but wife wants them and I’m a sucker for Apple design) and I broke yet another pair of wired earplugs.

    My biggest gripes are for AirPods, the battery life of the pods and their longevity. And with the max model, their portability (they don’t fold and the case doesn’t protect the headband), battery life is ok but meh compared to Sony’s, the fact that Apple hates people turning them off, weigh and they’re a bit too pricey to justify buying. Oh and the fact that they both use lighting instead of USBC. Apple please, just go USBC and kill lightning already. I’d rather pay a subscription fee for just not having lightning ports on their future products and get USBC.

  13. just saying KUO also said that airpods pro 2 will come in the first half of 2021 so i’m theory if that’s true that happened next week really

  14. They probably won’t release new AirPods before the summer since they usually add them to Back to School purchases for free so it makes sense that they wait until after the promo is finished.

  15. U1 will never come to AirPods. Why? If you lose them and never find them…you’ll buy new ones! Duh.

  16. A temperature sensor is the only thing I can think of that would make sense to add to AirPods as a health/fitness feature.

  17. Stop saying “Quadruple U DC”, it’s not a thing, it’ll never be a thing, just like fetch.

  18. I want the apple AirPod max but they expensive I could buy them with Apple Card but mhmgm. The AirPods Pro don’t fit my ear or even the regular airpods so it’s my only choice

  19. DREW I FOUND A WAY TO CONTINUE TO UPLOAD TO GOOGLE PHOTOS FOR FREE (Since you spoke about it on stream, and since you said you don’t have amazing prime)

  20. Is it only me who thinks that “tailosive tech” is now “boring tech”… Drew’s videos not cutting it anymore ??

  21. Personally I don’t think the AirPod pros need to change at all apart from battery life they are just fine in my view just the way they are not too many earbuds at all beat the AirPod pros As far as noise cancellation. And maybe the base. Because if we’re talking base here then pretty much everything beats the AirPod pros LOL

  22. WWDC is more meant for software.
    So it’d make sense for them not to speak about small equipment.
    I still have the original AirPods and they still work good. Battery is still good for my one hour run listening to music saved on Watch Series 5 and using workOutDoors for tracking my run and fitness datas!
    That’s what matters for me!

  23. I like the idea of not having a new generation each year, it makes the most sense and even makes the price so much more worth it

  24. I suppose I’d like to see AirPods 3, since I love the 2 with the wireless charging case.

  25. Add a U1 chip to the next AirPods for the love of Tim Apple! It is ridiculous that Find My is useless when you lose your Airpods while they’re in their case.

  26. If there are no sacrifices, I would be very interested in the beats studio buds. I’d get them in black. Hopefully the battery life could be a little bit better and have essentially the same features as the AirPods Pro

  27. Why does the AirPods Max need a second generation is it just got released in December of 2020. Not everything gets another generation every year. The first AirPods came December of 2016 and didn’t get a second generation until 2019 or 2018. The AirPods Max is a great premium price and it’s great compared to the we low end beats ?

  28. I just returned my AirPods max first time being so dissatisfied with an apple product. Especial after mkbhd said they were good they don’t get loud enough.

  29. You must have Apple ears because the AirPods Pro will not stay in my ears at all, and I tried everything.

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