M1 Apple Mac Mini has 2 Thunderbolt Buses & This Is Amazing

M1 Apple Mac Mini has 2 Thunderbolt 4 Buses & This Is Amazing
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  1. I purchased this OWC 4 Hub. My experience was not as good. With ext thunderbolt 4 SSD connected had 1400 W 1700 R. Connected directly to back of M1 Mac mini had 2000 W 2400 R. With a Crucial 500GB USB-C SSD mid 500's r/w with dock. 800 r/w connected directly. Sent it to OWC and they said its fine. When I get it back I will document the speed differences and make my first YouTube video. I personally wont buy from them again. Check their BBB score 1 out of 5 stars along with the 1 star reviews on their previous TB3 dock on Amazon.

  2. Hi David. If you got your hub from the US what power supply setup did it come with (adapting it for Australia). Thanks

  3. This is excellent information to know, thanks! I just bought an M1 Mac Mini and I have a monitor connected to one Thunderbolt 3 port and an external SSD drive to the other one. Glad to know I don't have to worry about bandwidth on that SSD! Thanks!

  4. Just confirming, can I run 2 USB C monitors using the Thunderbolt Hub? Thank you for this great info!!

  5. I ordered the dock version of their new products which was due to ship Mid December and I note that it actually shipped today, due end of December here in Oz. Keen to see what it can do…

  6. Interesting. I don't think it changes the limitation for having only 1 external monitor for M1 Macs, but it sure open the door for lots of extra drives etc.

  7. Why write a script when you can just read through an online article written by somebody else, right?

  8. I ordered this product almost a month ago, and am still waiting for it. It’s supposed to come out in early December. I don’t know whether that means that OWC will get it in early December, and will then ship it, so that it will come sometime later in the month, or that we can expect to get it early in the month (assuming they don’t have a problem getting them on time). But it’s already the 12th, and no word about delivery yet. My Macbook Pro should be here Monday.

    If you want to go crazy, you can get two of these, and put one on each Mac port, and have 6 TB ports.

  9. Until they stop it from adding things or stop working. I remember I bought some Harman Kardon speakers from Apple to work on my imac and then they stop it to recognize it. I contacted apple and Harman with no answers other than there is no support for you.

  10. I don’t understand the difference between one of these and a hub for $24? Why is this hub so expensive?

  11. I have a question if you have a iPad Pro with a magic keyboard could you hook up an M1 mini and get a desktop?

  12. So incredibly repetitive! He talks for over 5 minutes to say over and over that the M1 was thought to have shared a thunderbolt bus but actually has two of them. I'm glad to know it, but it could have been said in a topic line.

  13. It may be pcie 4 instead if pie 3, that accounts for the speed or cacheing in the m1 system.
    This is tb3 not tb4.
    But usb4 not usb3

  14. I think this is like the old mac mini and because a 10gb Ethernet is planned and it has hdmi

  15. Are the two tb3 ports sharing the same 40Gbs bandwidth, like the Intel 2 port macbook Air and pro they replace?

  16. The device you reported on works with Thunder Boldt 4 ports – the ports on the new m1 macs are thunderbolts 3 / USBC-4 – not sure if it will work as you think – please let us know when you get it

  17. Very useful video! But just to highlight a minor correction, you say megabits when it should be megabytes and then you say megabytes when it should be megabits. Same with Gigabits and Gigabytes.

  18. what i want to know.. if the mac mini only uses 15w max, why not just make it usb-c powered? use the extra room for more speaker space? also david, the mac's use USB-4 not thunderbolt 4. they have thunderbolt 3 that intel made free to use in the USB-4 spec. thunderbolt 4 is mostly about certification and not any faster than tb3

  19. Hey David, do you know whether it supports one 5k monitor and two 4K monitor with Mac mini m1? One 5k goes with one port from the machine and one ultrafine 4K goes with this hub, another 4K can go with HDMI. Is it feasible? Thanks!

  20. Thanks for a very helpful review. Apple's promotion of these M1 Macs has been most interesting. For most new devices the company can be accused of oversell. For these, Apple seems to be underselling just how ground-breaking they are, particularly given that they released these features in models at the low-end of their market.

  21. So Dave, from what you have shown it seems there is no real change between the Intel and M1 ports (except extra features). Controller speed is identical. Meaning if you only use one port on a bus with an Intel Mac, you will get the same speeds.
    They could still have intagrated two ports per bus on the M1 versions. It's just like having an intagrated 2-ports hub… Cost savings I suppose. And a good thing for third party vendors…

  22. hi have u try side car with iPad pro and hook up to another external screen for adobe lightroom ?

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