Answering Your M1 Mac Mini Questions!

Thank you all for blowing up my last Mac mini video! I figured I’d answer some of the questions I saw in the comment section!

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  1. Hi great video, you got a new subscriber from Norway. Im a windows user and have never tried a mac, finally the price is right. And im using Davinci and I see they have a beta on the m1 chip. So my question is are you happy with the mac mini, im editing everything in 4K. And im also using fusion on Davinci. Thanks.

  2. Great video!!! Just a quick add on that I found with the M1 mac mini I just got yesterday. I was able to set it up using my wireless apple mouse and keyboard without plugging anything in. I just turned them off and then back on and clicked until they paired and it worked. Might be a new update or something because I have heard of a lot of people needing to plug in.

  3. I agree with your windows take. I'm 32, been a Mac user for 2 years. Still have a capable PC for gaming. But I have noticed that with Mac OS updates, you also don't always know what is going to come your way. For example, when the Catalina update came my 2018 mini lost HDMI monitor support. So to be fair, to some extent, the updates crashing familiar processes does somewhat apply to both platforms.

  4. Apple's Bluetooth problem has been around for ages. A runaway cursor problem with a BT mouse my 2012 Mac mini and lost pairing for an Apple keyboard was so frustrating, I finally gave up and opted for a wired mouse and keyboard. At that time I heard this was because some internal circuits operated close to the 2.4 GHz used by BT. Another factor may be the antenna, which is located on the bottom and radiates downward. In some situations that may result in poor reception. A quick online search will turn up similar problems with later Mac mini models. Maybe the popularity of this Mac mini will finally lead Apple to fix this erratic and long-standing issue.

  5. Strange I downloaded resolve beta 1.2 for M1 which is supposed to have native support but it asked to install through rossetta when I go to resource monitor it says it is getting transcoded from intel I thought the beta1.2 was native M1 according to davinci website am I doing something wrong

  6. I've always done color correction/adjustment first since 1998 especially if you're doing fades…

  7. How to run 2 monitors on the Mac Mini 2020 without any adapters:

    Connect a Thunderbolt – DisplayPort cable to one of the DisplayPort port to one of your monitors.
    Connect a Hdmi – DisplayPort cable to the DisplayPort of your second monitors.

    This will support up to 4K 60Hz.

    If youre looking for more connections, the take a look at this hub.
    I use it for my own setup, and it works really well.
    NOTE: This hub will only come in SpaceGrey.

    Type-C Aluminum Stand & Hub for Mac Mini | USB Hubs & Docking Stations – Satechi

  8. Hope you can answer this! I have an old 2012 iMac with a 1TB SSD will Timemachine work given you're going from Catalina to Big Sur AND the SSD Size difference (1TB to 256Gigs) be a problem with my buying the base M1 MacMini!??? BTW I've been an NGE fan since it came out way back in 1997! 😉

  9. I’ve been a DOS (Windows) person since pre Windows 1985 and have been very good at it. But when I experienced my final “Blue Screen of Death” back in 2011, I finally switched to MAC on a Mac Mini. So glad I did. It’s been not only seamless but extremely stable with all the updates. Other than using Windows at work, I’d never go back to the constant horrors of drivers, configurations, etc. A few more bucks, but zero headaches. I would just like to learn now the command line language as I did back using DOS and Batch Files, etc.

  10. Unable to install Rosetta means you are not connected to the internet or have not done all the updates and let them install …

  11. That plugging in wired mouse and keyboard scares me. Both my mouse and keyboard are wireless Logitech and use a dongle. And I already ordered the M1 mini

  12. I have had problems with Bluetooth on my mac mini m1. Using the magic mouse, it connects and disconnects suddenly and using my sony headphones the music is cut off at times, I moved the mac further away from a usb hub and a type C adapter and I am still testing if the problem is solved or no.

  13. Apple uses Bluetooth Low Energy, and some peripherals will see this protocol as a dropout. Logitech shows compatibility with this standard in the fine print on the box, such as the MX Master 2S. Why Low Energy? The watch.

  14. Great Video! Thank you for clarifying the Bluetooth issues, it was one of my main concerns before purchase this.

  15. I would also chime in and say I have experienced the bluetooth issues, but also found what was causing it (at least for me). If I choose the Sound icon in the menu bar, or the Sound control panel in Systems Preferences, BAM bluetooth death. If I leave those alone – zero issues. Of course this needs resolving by Apple, but it gives me hope that it's a software issue and not an unavoidable hardware one.

  16. Good one . My question is whether the Mac mini M1 will be able to recognise the Logitech k480 bluetooth keyboard and Logitech pebble mouse at the start up during the first boot up?

  17. it is fun to watch your Video from a M1 Mac mini
    enjoyed it a lot
    got my like for Doing such a nice Informative Video

  18. The time-lapse of you editing your 4k videos, listening to music, watching anime, and talking about tech stuff with Julie next to you sums up this entire channel

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