WHY PAY MORE?! iPad Air 4 vs 11" M1 iPad Pro

⭐️ Buy the iPad Air 4: https://geni.us/6qUSg (affiliate)
⭐️ Buy the 11” M1 iPad Pro 2021: https://geni.us/QiA1mg (affiliate)

Is it worth spending the extra money on the new 11” M1 iPad pro or is the Ipad Air 4 the better value? And finally, should you upgrade from the iPad Air 4 to the new 11” iPad Pro?

The iPad Air 4 is a fantastic tablet and one that I’ve been recommending for a while now. It’s a great choice for someone who’s ready to move beyond the features of the iPad 8, but may not have the budget for the 12.9” iPad Pro. But now Apple released an 11” version of the M1 iPad Pro which offers a virtually identical form factor with some additional features and the price isn’t that far off.

So let’s take a look at these two great iPads, cover the similarities and differences, see how well they perform for multitasking, content consumption, gaming, video calls and general office-type work, and ultimately help you choose the right iPad. #iPadAir4 #m1iPadPro #apple

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⭐️ Buy the iPad Air 4: https://geni.us/6qUSg (affiliate)
⭐️ Buy the 11” M1 iPad Pro 2021: https://geni.us/QiA1mg (affiliate)





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  1. ⭐️ Buy the iPad Air 4: https://geni.us/6qUSg (affiliate)

    ⭐️ Buy the 11” M1 iPad Pro 2021: https://geni.us/QiA1mg (affiliate)

    What's up everyone?! I hope this comparison of the iPad Air 4 vs M1 11” iPad Pro was helpful. Did I cover what you wanted to know? What else did you want to see or learn about?

    Which one would you choose and what would you use it for? I am grateful in advance ?

  2. I really wish you can make more in detail about the display comparison between them. Especially like dark and night scenes from movies. ❤️ love your video btw

  3. Thank you, for this excellent side by slide model review. If buying in June 2021, I would pick-up the iPad Air with max memory and cell data service. However, once the smaller iPad Pro gets the same screen upgrade the larger model has now received. At that point, if buying new would select the iPad Pro version (smile…smile).

  4. The real question i see here is
    Ipad Air 4 64gb vs Ipad pro 128gb.
    If you need more than 64gb just buy the pro, dont buy the 256gb ipad air

  5. I have an 11” 2018 Apple Refurbished iPad Pro and it is the BEST tech purchase I have ever made. It replaced my laptop pc and is now my main machine. It does everything that I need and is uber portable. I purchased an M1 MacBook Air recently and returned it to Apple as I simply didn’t use it as I kept returning to my iPad Pro. Absolutely love it. Great vid to btw. Subbed ?

  6. Ipad Air 4 ftw. The next steal will be the upcoming Ipad Mini. People are going to go bonkers for that beautiful looking thing.

  7. I have a question…
    If you already have a macbook air for example and you wanna draw something sometimes or simply use it while in the bedroom for watching some videos on youtube, is it worth the extra 200$ for the ipad pro? I don’t think is worth it but I also wanna know more about it from an external wiew

  8. Who would ever want 5g. It operates on the same frequency as military crowd control weapons use

  9. I just received my iPad Pro this week and it’s going back, I can barely notice the difference between it and my current one. This was an excellent video ??

  10. I think I’m getting the 12.9” iPad Pro 1TB, for professional use. And as a apple fan girl, I’m getting the new m1chip iMac because it seems awesome

  11. Just find the 1st or 2nd Gen iPad Pro 11". Way more value there. 120Hz makes such a massive difference.

  12. I regularly use 8-10 GB of Ram on a Mac, but no one app ever uses much more than 1.5 GB, (maybe on a rare occasion an app might use 2GB) So 5GB per App seems like plenty for most use cases. And this is a tablet. If you have heavier work loads than that, perhaps a Mac should be your heavy work machine?

  13. i'm totally happy with my ipad Air 4 and have no intension of upgrading because the only thing i'm doing with my ipad is watching netflix and youtube and writing. For any more intensive task i have my PC

  14. To me, once you need more the 64GB of storage of the Air, the Ipad Pro 11 at 256gb seems a better value. You get a lot for that $150.

  15. I have an iPad 6. Should I upgrade to the Air 4 or stick with the iPad 6? Thank you for your time! I love the accessories videos for the Air 4

  16. Actually I have both, my wife uses the iPad Air 4 and I use the iPad Pro 11inch. So far they both are performing well. Thanks for the info. ?

  17. Till they come out with real pro apps the use the m1power the iPad Air will be enough, even the regular iPad will work

  18. The dealbreaker for me for the iPad Air is definitely the 120hz display. It’s just so nice in my opinion. (Btw I have an iPad Pro 10.5 inch 2017 which is still good)

  19. The 120 Hz pro motion display is probably worth the price of admission for the iPad Pro in my view. After going 120 Hz, you really don’t want to go back.

  20. And ipad pro in greece is roughly the same price as the ipad air 4 and offering 20x more features

  21. Face ID

    Better screen

    Higher refresh rate


    Faster processor

    Double the storage

    Double the RAM

    Center Stage

    Better Cameras

    Studio Microphones

    I mean… that’s a lot of bang for your $200. I would choose pro 11 inch over the ipad air 256gb as 64 is not enough for longevity, yet there is one issue, even though there is a $50 difference between air 4 256gb and pro 11 inch 128 gb model, in my country, this difference is much higher, more than $100, so it is making it really difficult for me to decide. any help Tech Gear Talk?

  22. For wired headset, I got a USB-C to 3.5 mm adapter for my I-Pad Pro, which is expected tomorrow. I can't wait. I also got my Magic Keyboard in white to match my pencil which I already got and the pencil and my I-Pad Pro will has the free engraving.

  23. Am happy with the Air 4th gen. Since no real pro apps are available for iPad, the pro seems to be overpowered and overpriced

  24. For an extra 150, it’s not even close due to the future proofing and possibility of pro apps

  25. I cancelled my iPad Pro order and purchased an Air 4 instead. For me it's a tablet, so there is little sense in paying $150 more for horsepower I will never use. Now if the Pro 11" had the miniLED display, it would have been a harder decision!

  26. Considering that 256gb iPad Air 4 costs almost the same as the 128gb iPad Pro M1 , I went for the iPad Pro M1, I love the 120hz and the 8gigs of ram , practically keeps all my apps open.

  27. One of your early sentence ‘but who do not have the budget gor the 12.9 pro’ …. damn …. the selection heuristic should be simple: DONT GET AN IPAD PRO. … thats it. Done!!! This is the right decision for most if not ALL viewers here… then for the rest, the people who buy the pro know why they do it… and it is not because they ‘have the budget’ … but because they ‘want the differences’ and dont mind the extra cost. It is called: know yourself! .. know your needs!!
    But thank you for the general tone of your review: facts facts facts… people like you provide a real value for the fence sitters. As for the ‘performance’ argument… reality is that it is useless, because there are no apps that tax the processor… a small difference though is their behavior when certain games do push them far: one is slightly less warm internally. So buying for the next 3 years, the air4 is plenty enough… buying for keeping it longer than 3y. The pro is a better hardware investment… but … the better solution is to change more often, making each one a slightly less ‘extreme’ purchase at the moment.

  28. 64gb is not enough for me so the best value for me was 11” pro for almost same price like 256gb air. But the better sound, display , accessories connectivity and chip for the future.

  29. Great Video Sagi!, I am stuck in betweeen discounted 2020 Ipad Pro vs 2021 M1 Ipad Pro vs Ipad air 4? may i seek your opinion on this? my usage is definitely towards light video and photo editing

  30. Does the screen refresh rate on the pro make a difference when watching movies, netflix, etc?

  31. I got the M1 iPad Pro simply for longevity. I don’t have to think about upgrading for a long time.

  32. I’m still rockin my iPad 7th generation. It was a Father’s Day gift 2 years ago. It’s still pretty damn good. But if I’m gonna spend $800 on an iPad Pro, I might as well shell out an extra $100 and get the M1 MacBook Air. That aside, your videos are next level my man. Outstanding content and quality! Please keep it up!??

  33. iPad Air 4 is missing a 128 gb option. Paying an extra 150$ gets more with iPad Pro.

  34. I am really tempted to get one but, I am looking for something that will help me edit videos and photos on the go ? you do a great job with presentations as always.

  35. I just won a 256gb ipad air 4 on ebay for $455, so I'm pretty stoked to get it and start using it. the air has everything I'll need (especially glad it has touch id since that's what I prefer)
    thanks for the comparison of these two models 🙂


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