AirPods Max Listening Experience Review + Favorite Music Tracks!

My AirPods Max Listening Experience Review testing some of my favorite tracks from my favorite artists. Enjoy!
If you want to listen to this experience in full quality I uploaded the master WAV (smaller download) and video file so it’s not compressed.

Full YouTube Playlist!

Grey – Body Count:
High Waist Jeans – Wolf:
Exes – Loote:
Bloody Waters – Terror Jr:
Feels so Fine – SITA:
SHUT UP – Asher Postman: .

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  1. Man thats 600$. You can literally buy a PC and a DAW and produce your own music with that money. And probably still could offer good over ear buds. Maybe u might have some extra money left after that and could buy a coffee or something idk. I'm sry bur who ever buys that is making the market broke. You know apple is just testing their range how far they can go with the price. If people still buy they not going to make things cheaper

  2. You should make an Apple Music playlist we all can subscribe to! I always love all the songs that you use on your videos

  3. Where on your channel? The only thing I see is the impressions video before you got them

  4. This should really be recurring thing. Helps us discover great tracks in different genres maybe?

  5. Man, I like this. Super creative and original. Now I have some new music to listen to.

  6. The 12" Chris Adler Mapex signature snare sound… (Lamb of God) Works for some many genres. Tight batter and medium tight Reso, perfect snare! Say hi to the friends for me!

  7. I'd imagine Apple will be adding software features on Logic Pro X for artists to use for their songs specifically for the AirPods Max on Apple Music.

  8. LOVE YOU JONATHAN !!! this is incredible and yet another unique and thoughtful video. love seeing how much you genuinely care about the music ♥️?

  9. These songs are so crazy good that I have added all of them to my playlist. ❤️ 
    Do you have like an Apple Music playlist or something? Would love to listen to your other favorites.

  10. Man!!! how did you process the individual stems in the vdo..? Mind blown right now.. RX8????????

  11. I loved the breakdown of the songs! I played the original songs while you listened to them but I can’t imagine how they sound with the airpods Max ???!

  12. Holy! These tracks sound incredible on the AirPods Max. So happy with my purchase! Thanks John!

  13. Tidal has Dolby Atmos playlists and they give such a submersible experience, even for non-hifi/atmos supported headphones

  14. This is the most interesting AirPods Max video I’ve watched. You’d think watching someone else listen to something you can’t hear the way they’re hearing in the moment would be boring but the way you talked about the music was … I couldn’t look away. Even if I didn’t like the song. Though, I got some good adds to my Apple Music library and my AirPods Max were delivered on Saturday. Thanks for making this!

  15. This video made me appreciate my buds+ , they actually fared pretty damn well ( using my trusty ATH-M40x to compare to too)

  16. Hopefully one day soon I’m able to check out the AirPods Max. Don’t have the money to purchase them but I’m hoping I can try a pair at an Apple store or something. By the way, thanks for turning me onto Wolf. So incredibly talented.

  17. If you watch with no sound you can perfectly think the airpods max have the worst audio ever.

  18. My dad got the Sony XM4's 2 weeks before AirPods Max were presented, he waited for "The Apple Headphones" for a while lol, now he doesn't want to get rid of the Sony's but wants the "Magic" of using the phone then iPad and sound gets transfered, that is really the best feature this devices have! Once you try you hardly can go back to pairing manually.

    Also yes, the sony have a feature that let's you easily switch from 2 devices but apparently only works with certain bluetooth versions, he has an old iPad mini and i can't make it work.
    Whenever the Max are available here in Mexico he'll proabably get em', everytime we talk he asks me if theyre available lol

  19. Wow these tracks sounded so dope on AirPods Max! Thanks for the description and heads up on what to expect from the songs! ?

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