Update process for MacOS Catalina Patcher on 2010 Macbook Pro

I decided to update my 2010 Macbook Pro with the new Catalina patcher by Dosdude1. I wanted to show the process I went through in this video.

Process was straightforward and pretty easy – only thing I had to do was turn off system integrity protection and was able to perform an in place upgrade just fine.

If you want to check out the patcher for yourself, go here:

Let me know what you think!

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  1. Please help me I waited for the download for so long and I didn’t get the option to download to the device ?

  2. The most easiest & simple solution to upgrade old macbook. The video is really helpful thanks. 100% worked for me

  3. Hi
    I have a late 2009 iMac and I want to update it to Mojave using dosdude1’s patcher. I have a question about bringing all the plugins, programs, apps and files I already have into the patched os. How do I do that without losing my stuff and without reinstalling everything? Can you help?

  4. Nerve wracking to do, but it’s working great. I was unable to update office with High Sierra so decided to risk it. Glad I watched your video. Cheers.

  5. What to do if you have both an SSD & HDD? I want to keep the OS on the SD and the extra files and clutter on the HD. Thank you for you tutorial

  6. On selecting the disk to install there is an error saying "this version macOS 10.15.7 cannot be installed on this computer" Please assist i am stuck. Thank you…

  7. I don’t know why it didn’t work on my iMac mid 2010 27 last update sierra update

  8. Thanks man… its worked perfectly, even I feel some slow… my system is Early 2010 / 8GB R / SSD,

    After installation, how can we access recovery mode, I tired with CMR+R and CMD+ALT+R, logo not showing… plz help.

  9. Hi Ian I have got to the install part when I click agree I get this message checking "(null)" and it seems to freeze

  10. I already rebooted and how to fix This MacOS couldn’t be installed on your computer! Try again and still the same please help

  11. two years later im here trying to do the same on my 11 year old device. LOL

  12. I have a question after I did all of that I see that System has a software update do I updated to the latest version or do I leave it

  13. Hey @Ians Tech I have a mid 2010 MBP with 12gb of Ram and both 1TB and 250gb hard drive. I am currently running sierra (backing up to upgrade to High Sierra). I want to try this but I'm nervous lol anybody have any helpful tips??! She does run alot faster and bootup time sliced in half…

    I want to upgrade to high sierra 10.13 as that is the last OS Apple made support for…

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