iPadOS 15 REVEALED! Here’s the full WWDC demo with widgets

At WWDC 2021, Apple debuts iPadOS 15 with new features such as widgets, app library, multitasking, quick note and translate. .

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  1. Idk why everyone is so mad. Getting back into iPad after using Galaxy Tab for a few years, and this stuff sounds really nice to me.

  2. I find it so funny that they give us things but it could be sooo much more.

  3. There's so many comments about "no pro apps" / "you can't make use of the power" / "no file management!"

    – It's not on Apple to create "pro apps." They provide a platform, and some people have created powerful apps that are in some cases faster than the desktop versions. ie:
    – I'm a heavy user of Lightroom and Lumafusion. Both are compute intensive multimedia apps that can use a ton of power, and the increasingly fast iPads have been hugely beneficial here. The power is absolutely going to use and it's not like the M1 is even going to bring export times down to 1s.
    – There is file management: the files app. I think what a lot of people don't get here is that the iPad isn't supposed to mirror laptop features – this is why Apple sells laptops. If you want sprawling application windows and files stored on your desktop space, I think you want a Mac. Not an iPad feature bloated into an eventually worse version of a Mac.

  4. I’m really glad I grabbed the iPad Air 2020 model. The M1 really is overkill for an iPad, unless you are doing a ton of video editing or graphics work.

  5. A company whose slogan is that your next computer may not be a computer has made a funny update, the ipad is just an iphone with a big screen, no one can argue otherwise. It was simply terrible. A complete disappointment.

  6. I’m glad that they are finally adding widgets I’ve been waiting for so long! Can’t wait for this update to release

  7. Ipad OS is a curse for such powerful ipad. when buying new ipad pro 2021, all i hoped for is external monitor support (full screen, not ipad mirroring) . They couldn't even offer such basic feature. going to return my ipad.. thanks apple for saving my pocket.

  8. What call an iPad Pro an pro device? It’s not. It’s does the same thing as a 6 year old one. We wanted better external display support, pro apps and file management and we got year old features that should’ve already been there.

  9. So disappointed! A 2021 12.9” 16GB iPad Pro is like a $2M Bugatti using supermarket gas, going stop sign to stop sign. IPadOS15 is another supermarket fill up and more stop signs…? While I don’t need it to run macOS, I do want it to hit its potential.??

  10. I bet they listen and steal this from Android just because their user and Android users complaining

  11. And why can't they make split screen mode just fully manually resizable, split top/bottom and left/right and windowed mode with fully custom window sizes/shapes.

  12. How can I translate to Apple "make my damn ipad work (almost) like a laptop!!!" or just copy android, don't care at this point.

  13. They literally said we can create apps on ipads and most Normies focus on Notes app.

  14. M1 CHIP and 16 GB RAM such a powerful tab yet sadly it's being extreamly under utilized for what it can truly can do

  15. First step into improving multitasking would be at least letting camera ON in split view with Teams

  16. I spent $1100 on an iPad pro 2021, all the power is useless. All I basically got extra was an hdr screen that barely looks better.

  17. Ipad is Marvin the Paranoid Android of the Apple line. Like who is it for? Literally anything it does a mac can do better, or an iphone can do better.

  18. I look at all this and think, am I watching something from 2015, Apple is no longer innovating for me… Boring OS, and just a boring overall system… I understand many love it and wish them all the best with it but everything just seems boring and somehting that was announced many years ago, I hope Apple do something amazing again soon…

  19. I was expecting a better file manager and more capable OS for the M1 iPad Pro. I might cancel my order because of this. Why tf am I paying extra for 16 GB of RAM and an M1 chip???

  20. 1:25 3:10 Buffering…(LMAO)
    Not a huge deal…(YAWN)
    How cluttered and distracting can Apple make it?
    Widgets have been around for years and Microsoft dump them as a security issue.
    Apple should have Siri doing basic tasks without internet like "set alarm" or "play music."
    Those basic tasks don't require data from the internet to execute.
    If I get a new one most of these features will be turned off.
    Too busy…

  21. This WWDC event is a prime example of how these so called “influencers” and “leakers” know nothing! Pretty much all of them were wrong. Where’s the new MacBooks? Where are the pro apps for iPad? Go back and watch all their videos prior to today about what to expect at WWDC 2021 and none of them got it right.


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