NEW 2020 iPad Pro – 12.9" & 11" Dual Unboxing & Review | Should You Upgrade?

Refreshes to the iPad Pro line finally dropped. We hadnt seen a refresh since the radical redesign from 2018 when the iPads went full screen, edge to edge with liquid retina displays. This time around, we see smaller upgrades to the iPad Pro line with the inclusion fo the LIDAR scanner and the A12Z Bionic Chip being the biggest improvements as well as small quality of life improvements like the addition of Wi-Fi 6 an ultra wide sensor. But the biggest takeaway is the newly announced Magic Keyboard set to release in May that will REALLY make this iPad Pro stand out. I consider this an “S” upgrade for the iPad Line but what do you think? Do you think the new 2020 iPad Pros are a worthy upgrade from the previous 2018 models? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Diffrence in 2020 iPad Pro and 2018 2018 bends easier and bends with everyday use apple fixed the charging dock bending issue on the 2020 iPad Pro not the mic whole though

  2. “I really hope they carry the boxy shape to the iphone 12 lineup that would be really dope”

    Me: hOw?!

  3. Master can you give me one of those iPad because ineed it for my online class and I can't afford an iPad my online class is in October 5 plzzzzz master can I have plzzzzzz?????????hope you read it master??????

  4. iPhones are pretty ugly at the moment with those derpy notches, ew. iPads pros look dope tho

  5. It would make lots of people mad if Apple releases a new iPad Pro in like 6 or 7 months time eek

  6. I have a big question with the new keyboard when u review it. If I have a screen protector on the iPad, will it make it too heavy for the floating mechanism? I can feel the weight difference with a screen protector on

  7. i have the new 12,9'' ipad pro and in the normal camera app the quality of the front facing camera is terriible !
    i was afraid it was because of the camera itself but in other apps its just fine… apple needs to fix this with a software update !

  8. Raise your hand if you have taken a picture with your iPad the last 2 years ????

  9. The stickers aren’t important but I guess it’s just a way to show you that you’re getting an OEM product? ?

  10. The only thing on this that makes it stand out from the 2018 models is the LiDAR that could be epic with newer apps. If you are into designing and 3D CAD stuff this could eventually be very useful.
    But for now the A12z chip is hardly an up grade although a bit more RAM could be helpful.
    The 2018 is already an incredible device that is powerful enough for what I need. If I had an older iPad Pro I would possibly upgrade to the 2020 or seem a refurbished 2018 model.
    I think most people on 2018 models should wait for the next incarnation of the iPad Pro
    As for the new magic keyboard , get the Brydge Pro + that is coming out mid April with a track pad for £189 or dollars. Preorders are being taken now

  11. Waited for this release to buy my first iPad. Little disappointed and annoyed by the "upgrades". Even the biggest (dumbest?) Tech reviewers over exaggerated this A12Z chip. Do i give two sheep squeeks about the LIDAR? Nope. Maybe if i was an interior decorated?
    Funny thing is, as a teenager i used to work as a carpenter specializing in restoring wooden floors. I'm a Network specialist/engineer now but run a side business fixing peoples wooden floors. So technically could use this LIDAR to measure people's asymmetrical floor areas faster.

  12. Hey can i get one the iPads, I'm a huge fan of ipads but can't able to afford one.
    If I get one it will be a huge moment for my life.
    Lots of love buddy✌✌??

  13. While the CPU is basically the same, A12Z actually has an upgraded GPU (now 8-cores) versus the A12X

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