PCSX2 Emulator for Mac OS X: Full Setup and Play Any Game (The Ultimate PS2 Emulator)

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PCSX2: https://pcsx2.net/
PS2 BIOS: https://romsmania.cc/bios/pcsx2-playstation-2-bios-3
Wine: https://www.winehq.org/
DirectX: https://mega.nz/#!xAA0Ta6A!hqi4Uh97KRcnGfkzRA8mBwno1YyXATBA_0AiPpEYQmw

Windows Setup – https://youtu.be/1q9BFKJKjqQ
Linux Setup – https://youtu.be/AqPwpDE7HoE

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  1. For some reason I cant get passed the configuration… I dont have the SSS3 thing, so i just picked the bottom and clicked next and it just sits there saying "waiting for tasks" and "applying settings"……not sure this is even working anymore

  2. Thanks for that but that doesn’t works on my MacBook Air M1.

    Maybe it’s much easier to install windows on my Mac and run wine one windows..

    Cheers ?

  3. it say "GS plugin failed to open. Your computet may have insufficient resources, or inconpatible hardware/ drivers." what should I do?

  4. Thank you!!! It worked!! The only problem I had was trying to find the GSDx-SSE3.dll file so I just downloaded it from a website and put it in the plug-ins folder!!! But other than that, everything else was fine. 😀

  5. how do I play it through steam link? I manage to open it but it goes to the BIOS screen. It seems a problem with the ROM file path only

  6. I followed every step. And again Terminal is in my way. How come when i Type 'wine', it doesn't do crap?

  7. Wine didn't work for me. First, it told me to download XQuarts in order to install Wine, then I had to download both the 32-bit and 64-bit because I got a notice mentioning that MacBooks have stopped supporting 32-bits and now only support 64-bit. I couldn't run the terminal command because even after installing Wine it wouldn't work. Hmm, I wonder if I went wrong somewhere or if it's just not meant to be :[

  8. when setting up the first time configuration
    when i select the GS settings to AVX2 (there is only AVX2, SSE2. SSE4), after i click next, it stucks on "waiting for taks, applying settings"
    i could not proceed from thereon. what should i do? any solution to this?

    im using Macbook pro retina late 2013,
    running on MacOs 10.13.6
    2.4 GHz Intel Core i5
    8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3
    macintosh HD
    Intel Iris 1536 MB

  9. Hey i know this might be old now, but ive gotten up to the point where i input "wine pcsx2.exe" and at first it couldn't find the file, then when i Unzipped the downloaded file from PCSX2, a couple files deep was the "pcsx2.exe" file mentioned. I had to move it to downloads, and once there i could open it from the terminal (actually wine itself) but it brought me to the "First Time Configuration" screen, where i could only select english. I also tried right clicking to open the the "pcsx2-1.6.0-setup.exe" file and the "pcsx2.exe", which starts wine, but nothing actually happens. Have any idea where to go from here? You're video has been super helpful! Thanks!

  10. Any other solid way to install wine. Wine doesn't work with 10.15+ directly. Any suggestions?

  11. The wine version says it needs an update and can't seem to open it… any suggestions?

  12. can somone please any desk in and set this up for me asap please

  13. Also running into "command not found" within terminal. Wine is up to version 5.0, my OS is 10.13.6 with an i7 and 32 GB of RAM… installed XQuartz 2.7.7. Is my OS too new? Not sure why I'm having these issues, but also not an expert when it comes to matters like these. Just trying to plan an old PS2 game. Any help is much appreciated!

  14. when i ran the game it say that my file abnormal program the terminal and shut the pcsx2 down, how can i fix this?? 🙁

  15. it doesn't work, when I try to type wine in terminal it says -bash: wine: command not found, is it because I am on a 2007 mac with ios 10.11.06???

  16. Once its all done and you close it all. Where should I be starting up from when I use it ? Do I have to start it from the wine thing everytime ?

  17. Anyone have any idea how to do this on a 64 bit machine? tried getting wine and it seems it isn't supported on Big Sur. Any help would be appreciated!

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