Sony WF-1000XM4 vs AirPods Pro: The King is BACK!

Sony is back to clear the true wireless crown with the WF-1000xm4, or will the AirPod Pro stay ahead of the pack with its latest updates. You tell me and let’s find out.
Sony WF-1000xm4:
AirPods Pro:
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Nanlite Pavotube:
Sony A7III:
Tamron 28-75:

Has Sony come back to take the crown with the WF-1000xM4 or do the AirPods Pro still hold sway. let me know what you think?
Sony WF-1000xm4:
Airpods Pro:

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  1. Need help please.
    On SALE today, and almost the same price at $120. Which you gonna buy?:
    1. Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 1
    2. Sony WF-1000XM3
    3. Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro
    4. Jabra Elite 85T

  2. I'm debating the Sony's versus the UE self molding monitors. Is there a way you could do a comparison on the two? Just found your channel, and from audiophile to another, I dig your passion for quality!

  3. LDAC is ‘another level’!! I think WF-1000xm4 is 1 level upper. Lol. But, yeah, airpod pro is also good.

  4. Airpods pro unfortunately. Get more for less money

    P.S. Also already have the Sony ANC headphones already.

  5. I pick the sony wf1000xm4 over the airpod pro. To me airpod pro looks crap sony wins handsdown.

  6. I currently use the Anker's Soundcore Liberty 2 Pros with my iPhone. Airpods Pro are "pros" except for sound quality.

  7. Comparing something from 2019 to 2021. The fact that it’s still comparable is amazing. Apple does stuff right

  8. AirPods are the worst apple product I’ve ever used. For music they’re fine, for a phone call they’re fucking useless. unless you’re in a completely silent room the background noise pick up always causes the person on the other end of the call to complain.

  9. Sony and weird complicated names. I'm sure it's also a factor when people are recommending. They can't remember the mane without Google's help

  10. The M4 earbuds have a tendency to fall out of my ears when doing calisthenics, which never happened with the regular Airpods. Convenience really is an overriding factor for me, so I'm very tempted to return the M4s and order the Airpods Pro. I'll give it a couple more days though.

  11. Come on. Sony doesn't have any opponents to be best in headphones sphere

  12. So, basically what you're saying, is if you want convenience, go Apple. If you care about sound quality, go Sony.

  13. The AirPod Pros, hands down. The Sony’s could sound like angels singing, but thats’s not worth crap if they won’t stay in your ears.

  14. Which has better noise cancelling?
    Sony WF-1000XM4's or Airpods pros with foam ear tips?

  15. Imagine if Sony comes with "Low latency for gaming" like razer
    DAMN 8 hours battery life
    low latency
    JESUS gamers will love this

  16. I'm really not into TWS stuff but having tried LDAC on some audio devices, I think I might try this Sony.

  17. I have the xm3’s and they are just ok.. I don’t like the fact that when I increase the volume the bass DECREASES.. hopefully these don’t

  18. I have airpods pro and its A great product from apple and honestly I am very happy that I bought it therefore I am going to buy the wf…zm4 once available soon

  19. Hmmm, sorry but no. The airpods are not even in the same league in terms of sound and anc than the sony's.

  20. VS mean you match them against the Airpods pro. You can't tell me this is good and this is good. Which is better? Why is it better? How do they stack up against each other?

  21. even if there are way better earphones than Airpods Pro, because they don't have an ecosystem, Airpods Pro still beats them. Only Airpods Pro has seamless connectivity with Apple products. Others are just for Android and everything else.

  22. Been waiting for a smaller version … Cmon 8 hrs alone puts those silly apple toys to shame, lossless support (well for non IPhone users at least )

  23. I cannot take ear tips made of rubbers. Sony has foam ear tips so definitely Sony in my case.

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