Celebrities crashing corporate Zoom meetings

Our partner PressReader asked us to produce a funny video to cheer up their employees this Holiday season. Instead, we came up with an idea to bomb their corporate zoom meetings with celebrities. We didn’t tell anyone, of course. Reactions are priceless.

If you’re curious about PressReader and its culture, visit

Intro (00:56)
Crashing Zoom meetings (00:57)
Extra (8:23) .

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  1. I want to say to all of the audience here that our sole intention was to make people laugh during hard times, and I want to say to all of you who watched this with at least a smile on your face. Thank you!

  2. It’s pretty funny watching all the people that don’t have a sense of humor and are getting annoyed

  3. Not a damn person was excited for Fuckerberg.
    His should be “when a communist crashes your Zoom meeting.”

  4. You yes you! It's 2021 now but if you watch this January 2022 I want you to like this! ??? love y'all ???

  5. Would have been much more fun if these celebrities joined the conversation rather than talk about something totally unrelated. Right now, it looks more like an unintentional mixing rather than intentional bombing of some zoom meetings

  6. Why would anyone want to talk to the douche of Canada. That ruined the whole video. He needs to be in prison.

  7. They were dumbstruck for a few minutes and was trying to figure out if uninvited guess was real.???

  8. Wait, if these were pre recorded, then why did Elon laugh after the guy said “hey Elon”?

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