Tim Cook: Monitoring Your Body Like a Car is the Big Idea. Apple Watch is on that Path.

Tim Cook says that he is very excited about what the Apple Watch can do for health monitoring in the future. But the future is already here, and it was presented by the most critical category: the doctors. Here is how the #Apple #Watch can monitor your #heart with the same accuracy of a professional ECG. We attended virtually the Viva Technology conference, where Tim Cook was the speaker. Here are the highlights.

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  1. He could probably change specialties so I wouldn't be so deeply worried about this unless he were barely certified as a health professional as most fitness trainers are. This got me to thinking though that self-entertainment could replace your public entertainers but hey once they're out of a job they couldn't so easily step over into something similar. The days of entertaining your own family on your house seem almost completely gone but maybe this could make a return.


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