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The 32nd Tokyo Olympic Games opened on July 23. As for Taiwan’s “Chinese Team Players List”, who are participating in which events? This article organizes the list and schedule of Taiwanese athletes in the Tokyo Olympics, and gathers elites of various sports, covering badminton, weightlifting, tennis, billiards, shooting, etc., so that we can watch and master the Tokyo Olympics athletes’ competitions and playing dates at one time.

Introduction to the list of Taiwanese athletes for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics

List of East Olympic Taiwanese players and general competition

project Taiwanese players
  • Men’s singles: Tang Zhijun, Deng Yucheng, Wei Junheng
  • Women’s singles: Lei Qianying, Lin Jiaen, Tan Yating
  • Men’s team: Tang Zhijun, Deng Yucheng, Wei Junheng
  • Women’s team: Lei Qianying, Lin Jiaen, Tan Yating
  • Men’s singles: Zhuang Zhiyuan, Lin Yunru
  • Women’s singles: Zheng Yijing, Chen Siyu
  • Men’s team: Zhuang Zhiyuan, Lin Yunru, Chen Jianan
  • Women’s team: Zheng Yijing, Chen Siyu, Zheng Xianzhi
  • Mixed doubles: Lin Yunru, Zheng Yijing
  • Men’s 10-meter air rifle: Lu Shaoquan
  • Shooting men’s non-directional pigeons: Yang Kunbi
  • Women’s 10m Air Rifle: Lin Yingxin
  • Women’s 10-meter air pistol: Wu Jiaying
  • Women’s 25-meter air pistol: Tian Jiazhen
  • Men’s 61 kg: Gao Zhanhong
  • Men’s 96 kg: Chen Bairen
  • Men above 109 kg: Xie Yunting
  • Women’s 49 kg class: Fang Wanling
  • Women’s 55 kg class: Jiang Nianxin
  • Women’s 59 kg class: Guo Weichun
  • Women’s 64 kg: Chen Wenhui
Competitive gymnastics
  • Individual men: Li Zhikai, Tang Jiahong, Xiao Youran, Hong Yuanxi
  • Men’s team: Li Zhikai, Tang Jiahong, Xiao Youran, Hong Yuanxi
  • Women’s Individual Almighty: Ding Huatian
  • Men’s 68 kg: Huang Yuren
  • Men’s over 80 kg class: Liu Weiting
  • Women’s 49 kg: Subaya
  • Women’s 57kg: Luo Jialing
  • Individual men: Li Zhikai, Tang Jiahong, Xiao Youran, Hong Yuanxi
  • Men’s team: Li Zhikai, Tang Jiahong, Xiao Youran, Hong Yuanxi
  • Women’s Individual Almighty: Ding Huatian
  • Men’s singles: Lu Yanxun
  • Women’s doubles: Zhan Yongran, Zhan Haoqing; Xie Yuchi, Xu Yiyu
  • Men’s singles: Zhou Tiancheng, Wang Ziwei
  • Men’s doubles: Li Yang, Wang Qilin
  • Women’s Singles: Dai Ziying
  • Man: Pan Zhengcong
  • Women: Xu Weiling, Li Min
track and field
  • Men’s Javelin: Zheng Zhaocun, Huang Shifeng
  • Men’s 110-meter hurdle: Chen Kuiru
  • Men’s 400-meter hurdle: Chen Jie
  • Men’s 100 meters: Yang Junhan
  • Women’s 100 meters: Xie Xi’en
  • Men’s 60 kg: Yang Yongwei
  • Women’s 48 kg: Lin Zhenhao
  • Women’s 57kg: Lian Zhenling
  • Male profile: Wang Yida
  • Women’s 55kg: Wen Ziyun
  • Men’s 200-meter individual mixed, men’s 400-meter individual mixed: Wang Xinghao
  • Men’s 200-meter individual butterfly, men’s 100-meter individual butterfly: Wang Guanhong
  • Women’s 50m Individual Freestyle: Huang Mingqian
  • Women’s single sculls: Huang Yiting
  • Jumping competition: Chen Shaoman
Free car
  • Men’s Road Race: Feng Junkai
  • Women’s Canoe Whitewater Benchmark K-1: Zhang Zhuhan

Introduction to the 12 Aces of the Chinese Team

Introduction to the list of Taiwanese athletes for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics and the overall schedule

After the badminton ball – Dai Ziying

Dai Ziying (Xiao Dai) ranks No. 1 in the world’s badminton women’s singles. His popularity and strength are super eye-catching in the Olympics. The changeable style of playing is both rigid and soft, able to control the ball, return the ball and assault through different changes. The tactics disrupt the opponent’s rhythm, and the ball speed is as high as 360 kilometers.

Prince of Badminton-Wang Ziwei

Wang Ziwei won the championship for three consecutive years in the selection of Asian youth and world youth national players. He is the only high school player to “complete dominance”. After winning the men’s singles gold medal in the 2017 Taipei Universiade, he has since become famous because of his handsome appearance. Handsome is also known as the “Prince of Badminton.”

Another title is “Night Market King”, the main reason is that parents need to sell pepper cakes at the night market, and they will go to the stall to help when they are training.

Queen of Weightlifting – Guo Weichun

Guo Weichun is an indigenous Ami tribe from Taitung, Taitung County, Taiwan. She won the bronze medal in the women’s 58 kg weightlifting class in Rio in 2016 and the gold medal in the women’s 58 kg weightlifting class in the Asian Games in 2018. After the International Weightlifting Association adjusted the weight class in 2018, she Participated in the third Tokyo Olympic Points Tournament, is also the current women’s weightlifting 59 kg snatch, clean and jerk, and three world record holders.

Karate Goddess – Wen Ziyun

Karate athlete “Wen Ziyun” nicknamed “Little Fresh”, looks sweet and cute, if he is serious, he will have another murderous look. Since he was 5 years old, he started to learn karate in kindergarten, until he won the championship in the National Games in the third grade. , Officially started his karate career, won three consecutive gold medals in the karate Asian Championships, and also won the second consecutive Asian Games gold medal in the history of the Asian Games, becoming the world’s first glory in 2017.

In May 2021, the World Karate Federation announced that Wen Ziyun will officially participate in the Tokyo Olympics, and he is also the first Taiwanese player to compete in karate.

Gymnastics Pommel Horse Prince – Li Zhikai

Li Zhikai, a Taiwanese male competitive gymnast, used to be in “Tumble!” The movie “Boys” is famous for its performance in the “Vegetable Market”. The main feature is the pommel horse movement completed by the difficult “Thomas Maneuver”. It was also accepted as a lesson plan by the International Gymnastics Federation and rated as the most standard movement.

Li Zhikai was also the first Taiwanese athlete to compete in Olympic gymnastics after the 2000 Sydney Olympics. He won the gold medal in the World Universiade in 2005 and the pommel horse in the Asian Games in 2018. He perfectly wrote a new page in world gymnastics. Enter the Tokyo Olympic arena with the signature action of “Thomas Maneuver”.

Athletics gold right arm – Zheng Zhaocun

Zheng Zhaocun became famous in the World Universiade World War I. His main strength is the men’s javelin. He once threw a beautiful arc of 91.36 meters, making him the first athlete in Asia to throw more than 90 meters, and he has also become the Asian world holder. He will once again use his golden right hand to raise the javelin to throw good results for Taiwan.

Golden left hand – Lin Yunru, Zheng Yijing

Lin Yunru and Zheng Yijing are the world’s number one table tennis players in the mixed doubles. Among them, Lin Yunru is also known as the snooker monster prodigy and the title of the strongest player in 20 years. He became a national player at the age of 14 and is regarded as the youngest national player in history. Super tacit understanding with Zheng Yijing, the sister of the pool table.

Introduction to the list of Taiwanese athletes for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics and the overall schedule

Shooting Sweetheart – Wu Jiaying

Wu Jiaying, who has a cute appearance and big round eyes, was too beautiful in the 2011 Shenzhen Universiade’s ID photo, and was called the most beautiful ID girl by netizens, and was also one of the 2016 Rio Olympic shooting training members.

In the 2015 Gwangju World Universiade, she also won the bronze medal in the air gun event. She also won the first qualification for Taiwan in the 2016 Summer Olympics. Jiaying is also preparing for the Tokyo Olympics, strengthening anti-stress training, calling the door and The sight link is aimed at the Tokyo Olympic podium.

Breath of Water – Wang Xinghao

Wang Xinghao was born into a family, his father is a swimming coach, and his aunt is also a national swimmer. Under the training of two senior seniors, Wang Xinghao was also asked to praise the 2019 Universiade Men’s 200-meter individual hybrid to win the bronze medal. He will be on the Dong Olympic stage. Challenge the men’s 200-meter mixed style, butterfly, back, frog, and self, breathe through the water in one go.

Taiwan Butterfly King-Wang Guanhong

Wang Guanhong became an Olympic swimmer at only 19 years old. The most eye-catching is that he is strong, has six pack muscles, and his face looks like a Korean. Many fans call him the Taiwanese Obama. In the 2019 World Junior Swimming Championships In the 200-meter butterfly finals, he swam a new national record. He also broke a new world record for young people in the 200-meter butterfly event of the International Swimming Federation. He was also selected as the best male athlete of the Republic of China Sports Elite Award.

Gymnastics Wizard – Ding Huatian

Ding Huatian has been exposed to gymnastics at the age of 4 and became a female gymnast at the age of 18. He once won the gold medal in the women’s all-around at the 2017 National Games and won the first gold in the Asian Gymnastics Championships in 2019. It is also Taiwan’s 51-year-old female gymnast again. Enter the Olympics.

Ding Huatian also has the unique trick “Ding Huatian Jump”, which uses her body to lean back after the jump and turn around 180 degrees before landing to show a super-difficult and improved movement. This movement has also been recognized by the International Gymnastics Association and named this movement after her name ” “Ding Huatian” is also called Ding Ding jump, with difficulty D.

Taiwanese columnist-Chen Kuiru

Taiwanese track and field athlete Chen Kuiru broke the national record with 13.55 seconds in the 110-meter hurdles at the 2017 World University Games and also won the first silver medal. He also broke the national record at the 2018 College Games and also in Indonesia in 2018. Jakarta Asian Sports won the silver medal in the 110-meter hurdles, breaking the national record once again, and is currently ranked 28th in the world. I hope that hurdlers can use their legs to achieve the best result of their career in Tokyo.

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