How Apple Silicon M1X Chiplets will DOMINATE the Market!

Apple is about to TAKE OVER the entire PC market from laptops to high-end server systems using TSMC’s new 3D Chiplet architecture along with a GENIUS & unique cost-savings solution!
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In this video, I cover various topics like how Apple is able to price their M1 Macs so low compared to how powerful and efficient they are.

I then get into the rumored chips going into the 14 and 16″ M1X MacBook Pros and why they’re gonna be so special and important for Apple.

I then finish off with how Apple will utilize the 3D Fabric chiplet technology to make the best value chips out there!

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  1. ok so Apple said Screw Intel and Amd, were making our own supply..

    So the apple laptop that cost $1000 now will cost $1000
    so what is the difference?..

    Well since it cost apple $100 for the laptop now it cost $50..

  2. Are those facts that prove that Apple are not selling stupid products for more money?


  3. Apple is going to take over because they finally found a way to use arm and they have a supplier that can meet the demands. arm is not new to apple as apple used arm in the early 90's. Apple controls their hardware and operating system. It's no longer going to be AMD VS INTEL but rather arm vs x86. Microsoft is the issue for x86 as they keep milking it. x86 is becoming bulky like the early 90's computers. The whole world is using arm in every device. Now that developers found a way to program with RISC aka ARM it has dominated the market. Microsoft tried going arm with their surface and failed. Apple went back to RISC because that is what the rest of the world is using. Apple finally has an operating system that can support RISC 100%. Arm was not a tech issue but a developer issue and they did not have enough programmers back in the early 90's like they do now. Microsoft will be AMD'S downfall since macOS is only for Apple hardware. Until Microsoft can switch from x86 to RISC 100% like Apple did then AMD will suffer like intel. Those who hold the hardware and operating system holds all the power. Apple holds both.

  4. I demand the world’s fastest shit so I can can comment on YouTube with my 2 fucking fangers ???

  5. Now all Apple has to do is manufacture 3 chips a year. The a series, the s series, and the m series

  6. agrees that intel and microsoft put themself into inefficiency compares to just one M1 chip

  7. if apple instead lower their price … they will dominate for the next 10 years instead of 3 years

  8. I was one of the Max Tech subscriber and recently left the subscription. Max Tech is each day just proving that they are nothing more than apple fan boys. They have forgotten how to do neutral videos and talk on facts. Computers are way beyond just video editing. You use computers for productivity, gaming, creativity and other stuff. However, Max Tech just focuses on video editing.

    Try to learn from below link, on how to make a neutral video:

  9. Apple will kill itself with there closed systems great for phones not for PCs. It will alway be Apple fan only computer.

  10. It won’t be long before no one is thinking about processing, it’s already outstripping many peoples needs. In 3 years, the trend of the importance of hardware inputs, innovative software, and the core interfacing elements (screen quality and flexibility, voice control, etc) will define the products you want to own. This is where Apple shines at delivering consistently with relatively few problems. As a technology professional, I am on iPad Pro, iPhone and MacBook….20+ years of DOS, Windows, Linux, Android…done. I’m not going back. Nice show Max

  11. man if just us consumers are able to make this many variations image how much apple can do

  12. That's interesting and fully reasonable. But my question is what special about Apple strategy?
    We see selling chips (CPUs, graphics) with disabled flowed cores for decades. Also AMD use chiplets for years now.
    So it seems that there is nothing new. I think the real advantage is going from x86 to ARM in desktops, laptops and servers.

  13. To clarify… Apple did not invent this way of building chips, they just made their version, so there is nothing to prevent intel, amd, etc. from doing something similar.
    It is also worth clarifying that the ram of the m1 chip is soldered, so they can simply change the amount they have per module.
    To conclude this is good news but no matter how many cores you put on a chip if it does not have compatibility with the software or need an extra layer to work also do not forget that Apple does not give details of their chips just say they are faster and x laptop, and personally I doubt that lower prices because they more than a computer they sell you a brand and the “confidence” that everything will work out of the box.

  14. The "only one chip" argument doesn't work in this market: yield is not perfect in this kind of manufacturing, you often end up with defects in the silicon which translate to defects in the chips, intel i3s are usually i7s with some defects which make some parts unusable and which have been disabled. Having more than one type of processor in this case is a huge advantage and reduces cost immensely.

    All this yield optimization has been done by everyone for decades, it's not apple exclusive or groundbreaking.

  15. I think what apple is doing is amazing, but I hope they understand how important developer support is for the success of any platform or new chip tech. I think apple should open up their developer platform and allow Mac development from any platform and to publish Mac apps from any platform. I understand the the exclusivity/identity model of sales and there's no problem with being exclusive with the users, but being exclusive with the developers is a very silly idea. Also I think Apple have a good chance of finally dominating the laptop market, but to do so I think apple need to invest in gaming. Persoanally the reason I've alway used PCs is because I'm an avid gamer. In closing I would like to say that, 'it's about time that x86 dinosour tech was scrapped'

  16. Now take all your analytical skills and go study theology, brother. We need theologians with your king of gifts.
    BTW, what Bible program do you use on your Mac? Any tips?

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