M1 iMac 24-inch Review – Better in Every Way! (Shot on iMac)

I’m reviewing the PURPLE Apple iMac 24-inch with M1! Can the new design, bright colours & M1 chip make it worth the upgrade? (and what about the 27-inch iMac!?)
Amazon UK: https://amzn.to/3yibt3f
Amazon US: [Coming Soon]

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00:00 Starting my day
00:30 FaceTime!
01:10 Unboxing
01:50 Specs
02:30 Design
04:26 Ports
04:54 Speakers
05:27 M1 iMac
06:20 Faster than MacBook Pro 13?
07:33 How fast is M1?
07:50 Apps – Intel vs Apple
08:41 Get 16GB RAM!
09:10 Gaming…
09:45 M1 & Big Sur
10:27 Should you upgrade?
11:30 What 27-inch iMac?
12:12 Wrap up!

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  1. CHAPS! I made a big mistake in the video…. It's a purple Le Creuset mug (not Anthropologie). I'm so sorry!?

    but seriously… what do you think of the M1 iMac??

  2. Wish u could use it as a monitor, would love to be able to swap between it and my gaming pc. Would be ultimate gaming/work set up

  3. I think Apple are wrong not to allow the purchaser the option of being able to upgrade their own RAM. The slim, thin form factor is not something that bothers me. The reduced size of the screen and the 4.5k display, but the sustained entry level price point just confirms the greed and contempt Apple have for its existing and future customers. I feel genuine sympathy for those people who went out and bought a top spec iMac or iMac Pro desktops only to now have it levelled out with the emergence of the new M1 chip. The obvious conclusion is that the updates for software, operating system etc is going to end sooner, since developers will want to stay in with Tim Cook & Co, however, on the flip side if someone can afford £8000+ for a computer then I am sure they not likely to mind throwing the iMac they have now in the bin and buying the new M1 iMac, with smaller screen and less Xk display, and replacing their possibly massive SSD storage at xTB for teeny weeny 512GB.

  4. Should come with the arrow keys and numpad keyboard. But I'm likely not going to like the keyboard anyway so I guess I'll save money. A 4 inch thick monitor could have included an optical drive. Anyway, you tipped the scale for me and I'm getting one^. Thanks.
    *They need some kind of real model designation like m24/7, m24/8, and m24/16.

  5. Thanks for not panning the new iMac as a lesser unit like so many critics have. It's really a nice upgrade from the past…Intel processor, much less heat, better sound and camera all before getting to the computing performance, which is rather nice. My unit arrived a week ago and I really like it…and the new look. White bezels, purple smezels, who cares? It looks nice and the chin shows off the nice fresh color of the unit. It's a Mac not an industrial computer from Dell. It's a work of art, not something meant to be part of a factory floor. Yes, you need to spend two-grand and get a solid hit from this updated technology. You will be glad you did. A year from now 10GB bandwidth and at least 2TB solid-state memory will be passe'. Enjoy the zeitgeist, man.

  6. You know I think the entire unit looks great, the chin doesn't bother me at all. I just ordered an HP laptop with the 5700U processor, might cancel that and buy this.

  7. I found this very helpful in my quest to upgrade one of my macs and suddenly coming across this new M1 thing with 'only' 16GB memory. It answered most of my questions, particularly about speed. I bought a low spec 21" mac for 'writing only' work last year and its slowness drives me to despair – big mistake. I think this will be a much better option. Meanwhile my 27" iMac from 2017 still doing great in the office!

  8. Thanks for the review. I like the new M1, but for me, for music making, it's not good enough yet, because a lot of software does not run well or not at all. And that unified memory will be a big problem if trying to upgrade the setup later on. That part of the design reminds me of smart phones of the recent era, where you cannot replace the battery, but have to replace the whole phone. So, welcome disposable computers.

  9. Did you know that the iMac can be mounted on the wall like a TV? No one mentions that in these reviews. Plus why all the dislike for the “ chin” it looks great to me, You said it, TECH Nerds! I just don’t get you, you buy everything, love everything, and Hate everything all at the same time.

  10. In a comparison the sound isn't as well rounded as in the 27 inch. Lacking bass imo from what I've heard on line but not heard in real life.

  11. What's the point of a power brick with ethernet 'to keep the cable out of sight' when you have to plug in a damn dongle with all sorts of cables hanging off it to make the back ports useful?

  12. I’m watching the start and drinking coffee. Literally out of the same mug??!!!. ( we have a whole selection of colours- much like the new iMac)


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