HackinTosh! Apple Mac OS On Windows Computer Now Possible How to Install?

Mac os the operating system that is special for all Apple MacBook or other products mostly all apple products use mac os as an operating system or you can say macintosh but can it be possible to run mac os on windows computer or customer made computer yes you can do that but before going to that watch video for proper knowledge

Macintosh is really the best operating system but using that is only available on Apple devices but most of people want to enjoy the mac and use their special software like a final cut pro or other then you can install mac from this method

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  1. Bhai… मैने Hackintosh install किया है मेरे laptop पे, external SSD पर. Coding केलीये बहोत सही चीझ है. पेचीदा जरूर हैं. मुझे almost 3-4 महिने लग गये सारा installation के लिये. सभी drivers, peripherals सही से काम करती हैं. ???????

  2. Windows 7 was born in 2009 and I also born in 2009 so my favorite Operating System is Windows 7.

  3. Bro big fan pls make a video on why pc is disconnecting again and again from wifi in Windows 10

  4. Sir ryzen 5pro 4650G APU ke liye best GAMING performance wale motherboards suggest kijiye under 10000- 12000 ….plz
    Sir confusion me hu, plz help kar de.

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