[Unboxing] iPad 7th Gen + Apple Pencil + Accessories

I gave in and bought a new iPad! I actually wanted the iPad Air but buying the Air plus the Pencil and accessories was too expensive so I went with the cheapest option hehe.

My iPad + Accessories review video: https://youtu.be/QETG6xcW32s

Amazon Associates Affiliate Links:
iPad: https://amzn.to/30KEfLC
Apple Pencil: https://amzn.to/2B73blL
Screen protector: https://amzn.to/2UPimad
Case: https://amzn.to/2Y2lmSG

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  1. waiting for the time i’ll get my first iPad :(( i’m hoping so cuz i will not give up until i get one

  2. I dont know why but im watching videos of my fav ipad but i will never buy it because i dont have alot of money 🙁

  3. Idk why but when you were showing your screen protector at the beginning it was so clear even tho I had my quality to 360p

  4. I’m watching these types of videos until my iPad Pro arrives with my apple pen (1st generation) mainly use for studying and drawing, I can’t wait not gonna lie!

  5. It was my birthday today and I bought myself the Apple Pencil yesterday. My iPad is coming on Monday and I’m obsessed with these videos . I’m getting the 8th gen but 7th and 8th are basically the same but I couldn’t be more excited and I’ve been watching SO MANY unboxing videos lol. Loved your vid btw

  6. I've been binge watching iPad unboxing videos ? I'm getting one as soon as as my refund from school comes in

  7. Wow that amazing things I want to have hurts that I'm poor and I can't buy them I've never had a tablet much less an ipad and I need it for my virtual classes than bad for me☹️??

  8. I got the same ipad but rosegold color ♡
    I'm getting the same accesories later! (Apple pen + apple pen case, screen protector, Ipad case)

  9. I got my iPad and Apple Pencil about 2 months ago and I honestly think I made the right choice?

  10. I got my ipad 7th gen last month and on the second day I was waiting for my screen protector to come and my ipad fell and cracked on my charger ?

  11. Finally after month of begging my mum decided I can get an iPad for passing my GCSE results

  12. Nice video. I am gonna get the same ipad 3.I am eagerly waiting for it.Can we upgrade its memory

  13. I’m going to T-Mobile this weekend and getting that same exact iPad because my old iPad is the iPad mini 2 and it’s so old so I’m upgrading soooo exited yay ??

  14. I'm getting my iPad today and I love watching unboxing videos of these this unboxing was super satisfying

  15. Well here the problem……I already bought a new android tablet but now I have the money to buy an ipad but I just got a tablet so should I return my android tablet??????

  16. The moment you put on the screen protector it made air bubbles, why? You didn’t do the correct way of putting it. You didn’t clean the screen but I’m not angry. It’s yours not mine so I’m not going to interrupt. Just saying haha

  17. I've been considering making my own unboxing video since I'll get myself an iPad + accessories for my b-day

  18. Hey kayla love frm india i loved the video it was asmr types❤️❤️

    Omggg she replied thnk you so much❤️

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