Apple Silicon M1 Virtualization: Running x86 and ARM Virtual Machines

Today we are going to discuss all available options for running Virtual Machines on Apple Silicon M1 platform.

Those options include x86_64 and ARM64 architectures.

Virtualization Solutions that are discussed in this video:
1. Parallels (
2. QEMU:
– QEMU (Install through HomeBrew: “brew install qemu”)
– ACVM (
( 3. ToyVM (
4. DOSBox (
5. SheepShaver – Mac OS 9 + PowerPC emulation

Apple Silicon Videos:

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Ubuntu on Apple M1 Mac. Installing in Parallels

Running Debian Linux on Apple Silicon M1 Mac: Good Idea or Not?

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  1. Guys, I installed UTM on MBA and managed to install Ubuntu ARM however the issue I see is, Both the VM's are allocated same ipaddress how can I resolve this and can we connect these vm's from host like we used to on Virtual Box

  2. Спасибо, полезная инфа!
    То есть в принципе любой х86-код и любую виртуалку на х86 (вроде ХР с каким-то старым софтом) – можно запустить на М1, несмотря на отсутствие поддержки х86-архитектуры виртуалок у официальных производителей софта для Мака (например, Parallels Desktop).
    Очень полезная инфа. Теперь можно переходить на М1 (некоторые именно по причине отсутствия возможности работать с виндовыми приложениями этого не сделали до сих пор).
    ARM-версия Windows 10 хотя и существует, – но она ещё сырая и кривая (особенно в части поддержки x86-приложений; некоторые из них вообще не работают на АRM-винде).

  3. а реально х64 винду и софт запускать на м1?

  4. Also to get better performance in DosBox, you can increase the CPU speed by doing ctrl-F12. This helps some apps and hurts others. There is also a DOSBox-X. I like that it can easily scale screen size, but it doesn't seem as stable on the M1. The regular DOSBox only gives the option of full screen – I had to remap the shortcut key because the alt-Enter affected some DOS apps.

  5. Good video. I think on SheepShaver you may be running into issue that app is not signed. You can clear it to run by doing "xattr -cr ./<<app_name>>" from terminal.

  6. Very informative video, thanks for putting this together – a good selection of options for different uses there.


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