My Favourite iPad Productivity Apps (2021)

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In this video I’ll be going over my 10 favourite productivity apps in 2021.

๐Ÿ“ My favourite iPad Screen Protector – Paperlike
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Proko’s figure drawing course:

00:00 Intro
00:05 Unread
01:33 Instapaper
02:53 Drafts
03:57 Shortform
05:53 Things 3
07:27 Notability
09:09 Procreate
10:18 Day One
11:42 Kindle
12:39 Notion

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  1. As I watch your video, Iโ€™m also on the App Store checking the apps, and the first thing I do is look at whether they are subscription based. If they are, I immediately move on to next app. Nice video.

  2. i like how this guy doesnt waste time at the start of the video, within 7 seconds he was talking about the best apps. ๐Ÿ‘‘

  3. AsSalamuAlaika, in the beginning you showed the picture with american flag but it is a flag of unbelievers. Be careful

  4. Hi Ali, I love your videos. I was wondering if you could do a video about your ultimate productivity apps that you would never replace or remove from your apple products and explain why?

  5. Shortform is a shady site: they'll keep charging you even if you don't want their service anymore. I strongly advise against using their services.

    Ali, I truly enjoy your YouTube videos and articles–thanks so much for sharing your knowledge! However, I would not recommend Shortform to anyone, and you should probably stop promoting them, too.
    I wanted to check them out, but I canceled my subscription eventually because they didn't have the books I was looking for.
    I had unsubscribed several weeks ago, yet they keep trying to charge me $197 almost every day since. I've contacted their support twice but the issue is still unresolved. Apparently, their strategy is to keep trying to charge forever until they steal the money.

  6. Some useful thoughts there. You have terrible handwriting though, something I can absolutely empathise with. Why is it that people with high IQ have bad handwriting!

  7. Hey Ali, thank you for making this video. How do you digitalize your paper documents and how do you organize them in apps? Do you have a video for that? Thank you very much

  8. while i probably won't ever be on the same level of productivity you are, you were my inspiration to go back to school and i can't thank this channel enough. i'm 24 years old and over halfway to my AA now, and i do plan on getting my BA in business marketing. so thank you! you really helped ignite the productivity flame inside me again to do better with my life.

  9. Made people excited for the ipad by advertising it as the ultimate and one stop handwritten note-taking tool for work and academics, and then goes ahead to shift to actual paper.

  10. Purchasing and installing all these apps is not going to help one stop procastinating, it requires a lot of effort and sacrifice

  11. Very informative video! Yes, I've been using some of your productivity apps together with Connecteam. We have been more productive since then.

  12. Hey Ali, can you please explain how you are doing this cool spinning thing with the apple pencil ๐Ÿ˜€ (9:32)

  13. Hey Ali, Great content. A couple fo questions. Im sure you've answered these before but, what camera do you use, what software do you edit your videos with and what file type do you upload to YouTube? cheers

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  15. my also favourite activity on my ipad is talking a not editing videos and photos and also i like about ipad is you can customize your widget with anything you like to put and also i like making music production and also playing music is my favourite tool on ipad while multitasking and using other app on single screen

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