FINALLY 4 USB-C/TB PORTS for M1 Macs/PC – OWC Thunderbolt [4] Dock Review, Speed Test, & Unboxing

OWC Thunderbolt Dock Review & Unboxing
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Today we are reviewing the new OWC Thunderbolt Dock from OWC

This was one of the first Thunderbolt 4 USC-C Docks compatible with both Thunderbolt 4 PCs and Macs running MacOS 11.0 or higher (M1 or Intel).

This review includes:
00:00 Intro, Specs & Info
00:42 Unboxing
01:01 Ports
01:49 Compatibility
02:26 Thunderbolt 4
Daisy Chaining
03:55 My Setup / Why I needed it
04:41 daisy chaining
05:11 Displays
05:58 Doc Ejector Software
06:05 Speed Test
07:00 Appearance

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Official link (not affiliated)
This Thunderbolt 4 Dock

Past generation Thunderbolt 3 Dock

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  1. Does those usb c outs can be used to transfer video as webcam out of a video switcher to this hub and then those usb c outs to Sandisk external hard drive or computer for recording or streaming? Have you tried?

  2. hi. i noticed this was able to connect to an older imac? i have been searching and contacted Apple trying to connect my 2020 iamc 27 inch to my older mid 2011 27inch imac and everyone said it is incompatible

  3. Am I missing something or is this dock not actually available yet? I clicked the link and it says Pre-Order. I'm curious how you got one nearly a year early.

  4. Will this still work with a 2019MBP ? you mentioned needing the M1 Mac or thunderbolt 4 laptops…but Im assuming thats if you want to take full advantage of thunderbolt 4?

  5. Apologies if this has already been asked.. I have a 2017 MBP w USB T3 and currently connect to a LG 27UD88 UHD 4K USB-C 3.1 without issue (only when using Belkin 3.1 lead)
    Do you know if this dock could connect to the MBP front port and expand to 2x UHD 4K USB-C 3.1 monitors on the back ports? You mention at 5m 30s that this is not the dock because MBP doesn’t support 2 screens. If not is there a dock you know of that does? (Such as the new OWC thunderbolt hub? Or Kensington SD5700T?)

  6. What are the other tb3/tb4 docks to consider ? please respond. Also for this one, if I DON"T want to power a laptop can it work WITHOUT external power ? thanks

  7. mi sai indicare una dockstation per collegare il mio nuovo Imac M1 con un monitor e alcuni HD ? Grazie

  8. I believe the reason the transfer rate is faster through the hub is due to the hub having a dedicated controller

  9. Hi – nice video. Do you know if this dock supports the Apple Superdrive? Apparently that's far from a given for docks. I think most of the Caldigit ones are OK with it, but useful to know if there's an alternative.

  10. I have them same monitor! What’s the adaptor I need for since I’m getting an Mac mini m1

  11. Did i have to do something in order it to work? My laptop starts charging but it doesnt recognize any of the ports.

  12. I’m so surprised to see you don’t have 2M subscribers. You’re doing such a great job man. I just bought UA apollo solo tb3 audio interface to use my shure sm7b with it on my m1 macbook pro 16gb/512gb. Do you think this dock would support apollo solo?

  13. It's too bad that the port that needs to go to your computer is on the front. I think it would make more sense and have a cleaner look if it was on the back.

  14. I just picked one of these up from B and H, and it’s great. I was going to make a quick video, but nothing as great as yours is. Fantastic job. You covered every base. Wish I was that good!

  15. Thanks bro ..👍 I am using iPad pro 11 inch does this dock work on gaming headphones 7.1 channel?


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