Apple iMac 24" (2021): Unboxing & Review

In-Depth unboxing and review of the new 24″ Apple iMac with the Apple M1 Silicon Chip.

Specs and Pricing:



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  1. Hello .. I want Microsoft Office Link for MacBook Pro 2011,
    Note that I have version 10.11, thank you very much

  2. I was going to buy a 24inch imac. but I’ve been looking at specs.
    i can get the same specs in the mac mini.
    I don’t need the iMacs screen / speakers or webcam.
    So now i’m thinking the mac mini is what i should buy.
    But its the performance i’m worried about. Will one preform better than the other?
    I have a 21 inch imac from 2012. It’s awesome and has defiantly been worth the cash, i use it for audio productions, the only problem i have is with large projects with lots of plugins running. I don’t want to have this issue anymore.
    This is another thing… i was contemplating waiting for a 27inch m1x with higher specs…
    Money isn’t an issue but if i can spend a grand compared to 5grand on a maxed out 27inch. It would be stupid spending so much for nothing.

  3. Who thinks the touch ID sensor looks like an older IPhone home and eject is gone but if you got a external cd drive you can drag your disc to trash

  4. The fact you can't do upgrades is a deal brake for me. 8GB ram is outdated. Apple like to give a little and charge a lot.


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