Installing MacOS on New Blank SSD iamkantiray

In today’s video i am preparing a blank SDD by installing Mac OS to replace the HDD on my imac mid 2011. please watch the video and let me know how did you like it
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  1. Very good explanation on what to do in each step. Thanks !!! After installation Can you explain how to upgrade to latest Mac OS version from mountain lion.

  2. I was watching your tutorial but I'm on Mac book pro 2007 i believe and i don't see anything when I press the commands either the alt with the r and the other key or the alt only

  3. I have downloaded Catalina in my downloads folder and I want to install it in a new blank hard drive before swapping hard disks in my mac mini. Do you have a video about this procedure?

  4. @Iamkantiray : 1) Will formula work with my Mac book pro Mid 2010 ?
    2) If its possible then how can i get all my data which is on my mac now on new ssd ? Can i use google drive back for it ?..
    N yes Thanks a lot for your efforts

  5. Mine says “OS X can’t be reinstalled because aren’t connected to the internet” but I already connected the wifi before when I made recovery mode. Help please

  6. Hey bro, Amazing vid! One question tho… can I install Catalina on a new SSD for a MacBook Mid 2010? It will start like nothing, or I should look for an older MacOS?

  7. Terrible video. I don't want to go into detail of why it's so terrible because I will probabily say some very harsh things. That being said, try to prepare for your videos better and keep the dialog as simple as possible.

  8. I have formated my hard drive without keeping backup then I have tried internet recovery 😭😭😭 now how can I enter into my MacBook air 2011 ? Please help sir….

  9. My 2017 MBP just died on os Catalina 10.15.4 (or something like that ) and now i have a “new” used ssd that i wanna to replace ? Can i just boot into internet recovery and download macos ( ithink its gonna be Mojave) from there ? Thanks 😀

  10. I’m trying to do the same and the login to the App Store keeps popping up and it keeps saying it’s unavailable. What do I do ?

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