iPadOS 15 on older iPads: the features you AREN’T getting (iPad Air 2 demo)

Demo of the iPad Air 2 running iPadOS 15 BETA 1.
#iPadOS15 #iOS15 #iPadAir2

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  1. UPDATE: Quick Notes have been removed from the betas. It's possible the iPad Air 2 won't be getting this feature after all.

  2. well, all the features I need , are already on my ipad air 2 😀
    security updates are the most important to me.

  3. Just received an iPad Air 2 as a generous gift from a friend of mine, and I am very glad I'll be getting most of the features from iPad OS 15! I am a little bummed I won't be getting Universal Control or 3 Active Windows, but I don't think I would have ever used Live Text, Offline Siri and such so that's not going to be missed by me. Great video overall!

  4. Please zoom into the device next time u are doing such a video. We can barely see what is on the iPad screen that u are talking about….
    Good informative video otherwise. 👍👏

  5. I’m not getting the software update for iPadOS 15. It says, ipad is up to date?? Is this a location problem?

  6. I really want to install the public beta to try out these nice features. Beta 4 or 5 will be optimal and stable enough to check out, in my opinion.

  7. Amazing video. I'm so happy you did iPad Air 2 on iPadOS 15 full and so in depth review,especially with supported and unsupported features for the Air 2 and of course performance even though you should do in depth performance comparison. Waited for 12 days for your iPad Air 2 review.
    I always remeber you as an iPad Air 2 reviewer because I subscribed to your channel thanks for that. So please continue making such a videos like this and with iPad Air 2 and also I know you have an iPhone 7 so it will be great to do iOS 15 review on it as well and comparing to your iPhone 11 or 12 if you have.

  8. Great video, first one on the subject by someone who actually scripts and edits the video and cares about the appearance enough to actually wipe the fingerprints from the iPad, or at least to light it in such a way that doesn’t highlight the fingerprints. Only other things I found is that Quick notes is accessible but only through Control Center, and of course none of the new spatial audio stuff is supported, but that’s not exactly new since the old spatial audio stuff wasn’t supported. What I find interesting is how good the 2GB of RAM is. I can be in split view, with a windowed FaceTime call up, and a quickNote open and being edited, and be able to interact with all 4 of those windows without much lag. And thanks for showing that the translate app works offline. I guess it’s unfortunate that offline dictation from within the general keyboard is still not supported, even though the processor is clearly capable and the on-device data is already there.

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