What is the BEST MILLION Dollar Vehicle Roblox Jailbreak? Which is Best For You? (2021)

In this video, we will be looking at the best 1 Million Dollar Vehicles in Roblox Jailbreak, and help you decide which one to buy. They include the Pirate Ship (Sloop), Monster Truck, Jet, Drone and Blackhawk (Army Heli). Be sure to watch ’till the end to find out everything you need to know about them and which is best for you! Due to the revamp, the alternative Volt Bike glitches no longer work and have been removed
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  1. What is your favourite $1 Million Vehicle? Let me know below!
    Note that I meant to say that the Jet is the fastest aerial vehicle and the Drone is the 2nd fastest aerial vehicle. Also, the Volt Bike was recently revamped and is now a lot faster, but can no longer jump hills or use any glitches.
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  2. Commenting from a 117M player from the future, Blackhack is and will still be the best 1 Million vehicle in Jailbreak.

  3. Would you recommend buying the volt bike or hover car? Im deciding and i dont want to make the wrong decision. I tend to grind a lot and sometimes im with friends but not always. I rarely need to outrun cops. I usually dont like flying vehicles like a heli but i might like drone car? Can you help???

  4. so i just got the army heli and its acceleration is kinda slow but when top speed it is pretty fast im gonna get the volt bike next for a solo grind it took me around 18 hours in 3 days to get the army heli i dont play jailbreak alot tho so

  5. I main the jet
    Here are some tips to using it
    -Land by going straight to the ground or find a wall. (Jewel doors, bump on MSM roof) this one is an easy method
    You can also jump out after pulling up
    the last second, harder but you always land upright.

    -Reload missile by employing hover technique. Pull straight up and cutoff engine just below the line to maintain hover, buy missile and ignite engine.

    -easiest way to use missiles is to dive bomb, should be self explanatory.

    -Bring jetpack to avoid character lockup due to jailbreak wonky physics

    Jet is really the best in vehicle in the game when used correctly. Think of it like the volt glitch but can fly infinitely plus missiles.

  6. When I played this a few years ago I loved the army helicopter, but with my new account I grounded up to get the heli again, but the missiles now suck, very annoying, I still like it but feel sad about the missiles πŸ™

  7. I dont play it snymore i am a veteran i joined it like in 2018 now i dont play it anymore if the volt bike’s povers climbing mountains would not be fixed it would still be good

  8. jet is best in my opinion and if you hold shift while flying it slows it down and changes the wing rotoers which is very cool

  9. Get drone if you don’t mind carrying only one person for meuseum but if you have a whole crew get the army
    They are similar in speed , but drone is faster

  10. i was gonne get drone but i
    buyed volt just because it looks so cool en de trails en its fast good thing its not de worst

  11. i would say volt bike (2.0) because its very fast fastest in the game now when its the new version of it and its hard to eject it and you almost never get caught and is good for solo grinding (thats the only 1m vehicle i own).

  12. The Blade was cool, but in my opinion, Drone is more trash. It nave a very low height limit, is fast than the Army heli just by one second, It don't have a rope, so You cannot rob the cargo ship with Drone. And the Drone don't have bombs or missels. It has lights that can slow down players, which Army Heli also has. So in conclusion. DON'T BUY THE DRONE.

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