Microsoft Office 365 on iPadOS 15?

Hi everyone! Hope you are having a great day! I wanted to create a video that talked about all the new iPadOS features on iPadOS 15! Let me know your thoughts and anything that i missed!

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  1. You should start zoom classes on how to use and be more productive on iPad., I’m sure many people would join to zoom classes including myself to

  2. I have a question. How good is it if you were to open two apps (lets say, Word and PowerPoint), then would you be able go exchange and drop pics and copy paste interchangeably? Or even drop one slide from one app to the other? I know Microsoft apps can do such multitasking on windows laptops but not sure about iPads

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  4. for office to be considered a productivity app in iPad, and to take it seriously, it needs to have more features in their apps.
    I mean, excel does not have Pivot tables ……

  5. @Fernando Silva holding down command key showing all shortcuts is specific to iPadOS 15? or its also available in iPadOS 14 and iOS 14 on iMAC?

  6. Love that you don't cover creative stuff. As of every user is a video editor.
    Very glad you cover normal use cases.

  7. Thanks a lot, if I see another ipad review that mainly focuses how long it takes to export a 4k video with LumaFusion I’ll go nuts, we are in dire need of iPad reviewers that focus on regular people, fed up with the current lot

  8. control C ? honestly? This is an Apple world, not microsoft! —-That includes when using MS software inside an Apple OS.

  9. I did not see that it is possible to add references or citations in word. I would like to use my iPad for school work, but this is the one thing that limits me from moving to my iPad 100% will this be available in the future?

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