iPad Pro M1 & iPadOS 15 – FINALLY a Laptop Replacement?

Does iPadOS 15 FINALLY make the iPad a Laptop Replacement?
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  1. pro apps like final cut pro is not coming soon bcaz, only bcaz ipad pro has m1 doesnt mean other ipad can handle pro apps like final cut pro smoothly, aplle only intoduces it to ipad only if the pro apps are compatile throught the whole line of ipads.

  2. OK so I have the 12.9 iPad Pro (512GB/5g) , with iOS15 Dev Beta, I also have a Note 20 Ultra 5G (Exynos 🙁 Don't worry I also have an iPhone 12 Pro Max. )
    So my issue is this, my iPad docks with a CalDigit Pro USB C/TB3 Dock, wired Keychron K2(V2) and MX Master Mouse (Unifying receiver) . 
    So How comes when I use the iPad Pro, I have huge black bars on each side but if I connect my N20U and use DEX ,No black bars and I get an actual desktop experience (Proper extended desktop),. If Samsung can do it, then the only reason I can think Apple doesn't is so they can milk me for more cash. I've been an Apple user for 22 years, but I can't help the feeling that as great as items like the M1 etc are great , the slow drip of features to the iPhone and iPad is shocking, after years of iPhone use, the N20U has features that the iPhone 13 MIGHT have, (Reverse wireless charging, Underscreen fingerprint sensor, better wifi, 120Hz display and some it definitely won't have (Micro SD storage expansion, Pencil support!). 
    Initially I wasn't impressed with the N20U, but now I think its a much better device, I do wish it had an A14 or better but its just about fast enough for my needs. 
    Apple really need to raise their game and Kudos to Samsung for showing how it could be done.

  3. in the end, all the power of the M1 is wasted. These minor tweaks won't do. That's the reason I went with the 2020 version with 512gb/cellular from ebay mint condition and saved a considerable amount of money. Unless Apple releases true pro apps and desktop level games, the M1 is a waste of money. We all know Apple will never cannibalize their M1 laptops.

  4. This is such a disappointment, Apple might lose me as a customer. If they don't enable the iPad pro to function as well it can, I may just invest in A Samsung Slide phone and AR glasses next year, and use those with Dex as my go to mobile computing system.

  5. Tbh i have both. I have the M1 iPad and the M1 MacBook Pro. I still use the ipad as an ipad, its incredibly versatile for a university student; i just throw it in my bag and get my work done and its even better in class. But when i need to get work done i use my Mac because i need a full operating system and parallels at times. But yes it would help if they unlocked the software to take advantage of the hardware.

  6. Shame, not only do we have the permanent home bar at the bottom that only goes away when watching videos but now we have 3 dots at the top that never go away.

  7. Universal control is very clever tech, but why must I have multiple devices to exist in the Apple ecosystem? Just give me a touch screen with Apple Pencil support for Mac / Mac OS and I will not need an iPad. There will always be people that do not want to be bothered by operating systems such as Mac OS, and therefore will prefer to use iPad OS But I suspect there are several Mac OS users would be more than happy to have a touch screen on their MacBook Pro "2 in 1"!

  8. I think you summed it up nicely when you said it brings nice features but still not the features we really wanted.

    I truly feel like Apple isn't going to make the iPad Pro into a complete laptop replacement. They'll loose profits from their MacBooks & iMacs. I don't think the iPad Pro will ever be a Surface Pro

  9. i love your content mate, i think people need to remember, youre not buying a computer youre buying a ipad that can additionall do things a computer can for free

  10. The new ipad is an incredible piece of technology. People who complain about the ipad not being a 100% laptop replacement.. are just people who cannot afford buying both, and enjoy the beauty of both. The ipad is amazing PERIOD. 😜

  11. Im a basic user. I watch youtube, write on google docs or emails, and sometimes share stuff through hdmi to my tv… is the Ipad ready for me yet? I want to stop carrying my laptop around haha

  12. The iPad was never intended to be a MacBook replacement. Some of us just prefer the iPad to the Mac line and always will. It seems to me there's this attitude among hard-core Apple folks of, "why would anyone prefer an iPad over a MacBook?" They're just a complication many of us don't need – yes, I find them extremely complicated compared to the iPad. It's like asking, "Why would a single person buy a car when they could own a pickup truck?" Some folks NEED a MacBook, I get it. But I for one laugh when people say, "they're still not a MacBook". To that I reply, "Thank goodness"…

  13. Why do many of these "new" features on iOS sound like old news? Because they are… Apple used to make WWDC more exciting with innovative ideas and products but I feel like they are only focused on profiting from their massive popularity in phone and tablet markets and prolonging their monopoly. Fortunately for them, they still make good products and I I can't find any replacement for my drawings on ipad with Apple pencil, but I feel less enthusiastic about purchasing their products.

  14. why would apple be dumb and sell a tablet without a sort of mac os? Mac book air maybe? think about it. if they sell a tablet with all the features of a macbook why selling a mac book. Ipad os is not that bad to use but a full desktop experience it will never be.

  15. I appreciate your measured response. I think the most salient point here around price. Also, the lessons that Apple has taught us is they don’t do things to others timelines And the word pro is been marketing for a long time.

  16. not a laptop replacement if you need FCP or Logic. But even with those apps, why would you cut or compose on a small screen, when with the M1 laptops, you can easily connect dual monitors for a 3 screen setup? Screen real estate is what makes pro apps work well. The main difference between iPad Pro 12" and Mac laptop are 1. screen is detachable from the keyboard 2. Apple pencil / touch screen. Thats it! Unless you need either or both, you will be better of purchasing a Mac laptop… my two cents.

  17. Sitting here watching a features run through thinking this is why competition is necessary. Apple knows they are so far beyond the speed and power of competing devices that they don’t feel the squeeze to finally make the iPad Pro…well…Pro. Instead they castrate the iPad and almost teasingly say but look at this! You can now use your 3,000 dollar laptop and your 8,000 dollar iMac Pro as external keyboards to control your iPad. How much money does apple think I have??? The only other option we have as a consumer for an all in one device is to leave the apple ecosystem and go to something much more clunky like a Microsoft surface 🤢.

  18. be honest, if it can be a laptop replacement, it would be an absolute resounding yes. If one had to constantly find justifications that the iPad OS 15 makes iPad pro a legit laptop replacement, then sorry to burst your expectations, its a NO

  19. I like your Channel!
    In addition to keeping me updated on the world of Apple, it is also an excellent English lesson
    (I am Swiss and a native French speaker).
    Excellent job!

  20. I traded in my iPad Pro 2020 a few days ago and I am now the proud new owner of a Samsung Tab S7 plus. This is an extraordinary machine with full desktop mode and full external display support. This is a tablet but also a laptop replacement. One of the biggest problems the iPad Pro has is the horde of embargoed Apple YouTube reviewers who refuse to acknowledge that the competition is taking over. The Apple iPad Pro is now a deeply flawed device in terms of value and usability compared to other devices at there. You are a kidding yourselves if you think this device has any future in its current form. The entire iPad range only amounts to 9-10% of Apple’s global revenues while the Mac makes up 10% and the iPhone accounts for over 50% of revenues. The whole argument of the iPad cannibalising Mac sales is completely redundant when you consider how insignificant Mac computers are in the Apple portfolio. Apple YouTube reviewers are the most insincere group of people on the Internet. How many of you are brave enough to challenge just how disappointing the iPad Pro has become?

  21. I don’t think the iPad will ever replace the MacBook. Apple won’t let that happen. But what the iPad will become is its own device that’s different from the MacBook and will be unique but essential in its own way. But what do I know. Apple might just make the iPad a laptop replacement.

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