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Is iPhone 13 drop resistant? After Apple launches a new iPhone every year, it is one of the most curious questions for most people. As for the iPhone 13’s resistance to fall, it will eventually be determined by actual tests. The foreign YouTuber EverythingApplePro once again targeted the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. The actual drop test is to test the iPhone 13’s drop resistance through different heights.

The iPhone 13 crash test results are released, and the Pro Max screen has greatly improved its drop resistance

Apple’s screen for the iPhone 13 series uses the same “super porcelain crystal shield” glass material as the previous generation, which can achieve 4 times the resistance to fall. The glass back is also strengthened by a dual ion exchange process. Among them, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max In particular, ProMotion automatically adapts to the update frequency technology. Due to the larger battery, the weight of the iPhone 13 has become heavier. It is also the key model for this drop resistance test.

Is iPhone 13 drop resistant?The measured Pro Max is more resistant to falling

The foreign YouTuber EverythingApplePro will be the first to carry out crash tests for the new iPhone. After the iPhone 13 is unboxed, the iPhone 13 will be tested immediately after the test. The ground is still used to test the anti-fall ability. The machine also has a certain reference value.

In this iPhone 13 crash test, the test is divided into waist and head height. No matter what angle the waist and head are crashed, most chances are that iPhone 13 can provide a certain degree of protection, at most only the frame is damaged, but The iPhone 13 Pro was tested when the screen fell to the floor at head height, causing the screen glass to crack. Instead, the heavier iPhone 13 Pro Max escaped.

Is iPhone 13 drop resistant?The measured Pro Max is more resistant to falling

After completing the waist and head height crash tests, the screen touch, main camera, front lens and Face ID tests were not abnormal. Only the iPhone 13 Pro screen was broken.

In the end, it was the turn of the crash test at a height of 10 feet. The metal frame of the iPhone 13 Pro series can absolutely absorb the impact. Finally, after the back of the iPhone 13 Pro is facing down, the back of the iPhone 13 Pro is almost completely broken, protruding, and the frame modification. The convex lens has serious damage to the edge of the lens.

Is iPhone 13 drop resistant? The measured Pro Max is more resistant to fall 1

On the contrary, the protection of iPhone 13 Pro Max is particularly excellent compared to iPhone 13 Pro. It perfectly takes advantage of the super-ceramic shield screen and the back glass of the dual ion exchange process. It falls at a height of 10 feet for the first time, and it does not appear at all whether it is front or back. The situation was split, and it was not hung up until the second time.

Is iPhone 13 drop resistant? Falling machine measured Pro Max is more resistant to fall 2

iPhone 13 Por screen hardness is still strong

At the same time, foreign TechRax also directly took out a knife to scratch the iPhone 13 screen, and even took out a big hammer to directly tap the iPhone 13 Pro “Super Porcelain Shield” screen to test the hardness of the glass. There will be any problems. In the end, the harder you tap the screen, it will still be fine. You can be sure that the screen hardness of the iPhone 13 Pro still maintains a certain level.

It wasn’t until a certain time a miss that caused the screen to be directly cracked, and I started to spoof the harder and harder it was. This kind of test is unlikely to appear in the real environment. Even if the screen is not broken, the parts inside the iPhone 13 body will definitely be damaged ( Most people should not imitate).

From the above iPhone 13 test results, it can be found that the point where the machine touches the ground is the most important key. It is easy to cause one of the glass to break at a certain angle. However, from the test results, the iPhone 13 Pro Max seems to be better than the iPhone. The 13 Pro is more protective, but the protective stickers and mobile phone cases are still installed. Don’t bet on the character for the bare metal feel. After all, the maintenance fee of one million yuan will definitely not run away.

As for the basic iPhone 13 drop resistance? There was also a netizen who just opened the box for the iPhone 13 on the 24th when the iPhone 13 was sold. The hand slipped and caused the world’s first fall. A small stone happened to hit the screen directly, causing an obvious dent. Fortunately, he already had the first time. Only by buying AppleCare+ can you avoid the fate of spending a lot of money to change your screen.

Prepare iPhone 13 case and protective stickers in advance

After preparing to purchase the iPhone 13 series, the next step is to choose a suitable military-regulated protective case. RhinoShield also launched a full series of new phone case accessories and protective stickers for iPhone 13. This year, the diversified types of RhinoShield SolidSuit and Mod NX are Features, the buttons, lens frame, etc. are also designed for enhanced protection for the new iPhone 13, whether it is hand feel, visual sense and protection at one time.

The 3D strong bumper can also protect the screen from scratches, an exclusive impact-resistant material that will not break, and effectively absorb the impact. RhinoShield not only protects the iPhone 13 in your hand, but also allows you to express your personal characteristics without fear!

Prepare iPhone 13 case and protective stickers in advance

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