WWDC 2021 Recap(iOS 15;iPadOS 15;WatchOS 8;)-Just a big disappointment or a overhyped mess??(No M1X)

Was WWDC 2021 too hyped by leakers who fooled us into thinking new and exciting hardware was coming, or was our fault for believing it?? Well we still got an amazing software event and got to see iOS 15; iPad OS 15; Mac OS Monterey and Watch OS 8. But sadly no M1X MacBook Pro 14 and 16 inch or even an m1x Mac Mini. I guess we will have to wait for the amazing but mythical M1X chip…! Don’t forget to leave a like and subscribe!!!

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  1. Maybe the leaked information was accurate, so accurate that it made Apple mad, they wouldn’t have anything new to show. So they took everything away. surprise lol

  2. Yeah man I watched it live, stayed up all night it was so sad, because of rumors I expected new hardware and 14inch Mac 😭😭 Only software updates. Nice quick upload man.

  3. Basically no need for a M1 iPad, we good 2018 iPad Pro. So disappointed 2021 brings nothing new to the M1 and the Pro line if all iPads can do the same. iPadOS 15 trash to the M1. iPadOS 15 does it run two videos on safari for audio?……

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