Among Us Mod Menu Android & iOS (No Jailbreak)

Hey everyone, in this video you will learn how to get among us mod menu on your android and ios devices.

How is it possible?
The Among us mod can be installed as APK or config file.If you are using android you can download directly from the site.If you are using iOS you can to install the profile first and then retrieve the data files after. It is working after revoke and it won’t crash even if you are on iOS 14.1

However, this is simply the among us mod menu installer. This will not make you a better player and you won’t be able to use it on your pc. If you need to tips to to play the game fairplay here are some below:

-If someone sees you entering a room do not try to vent or close the door straight away. Try to kill when the lights are off or when crewmates are distracted from reactor.

– If you decide to murder, do it where there are no cameras or if they are not blinking red. If needed try to sabotage the comms first.
– If there is a large group of people that see you vent, you can try to lock them in the room before they go to emergency and kill whoever is left behind.
If a large group of people sees you venting, try to lock them in a room before they get to the emergency botton and kill whoever is left behind.

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Official Media of Among Us : .

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  1. Do I need to play on them or what do i need to do because I’ve installed 2 apps on it and I’ve got nothing please help anyone

  2. i did the offers and stuff and then the among us mod app thing went white and theres no mod menu on among us

  3. i got tricked so many times by fake apk links on google!!! finally seomthing that worked on yt

  4. This is the best method ever to download among us mod . I will share this with everyone. Perfect. Thank you

  5. lol ngl when i read the title i automaticlly thought it wouldnt work but it actually does thanks man!

  6. This is really very useful information about downloading the among us mod . Well explained video. Thanks for sharing your knowledge…

  7. I followed the instructions in the video and successfully installed among us mod . It works very well. thanks.

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