NEW Install DS Emulator on iOS 14 & 13 NO Jailbreak/Computer! iNDS UPDATED! (NDS on iPhone & iPad)

DS Emulator For iPhone | iNDS iOS 14 & iOS 13 NDS Emulator! iNDS is an awesome emulator to Play NDS Games on iPhone & iPad. With this DS Emulator for iOS, you can Play Pokemon on iPhone & ANY DS or NDS Game you like! iNDS is a great Emulator For iOS 14 & iOS 13, and you can download iNDS, the DS Emulator for iPhone & iPad NO Jailbreak NO Computer thanks to TutuBox! TutuBox also offers other Emulators For iPhone & iPad, like Delta Emulator as well.

The issue with TutuBox, is while you’ll be able to get you NDS Emulator iOS 14 & iOS 13 Emulator, it might stop working as iNDS & TutuBox might’ve been revoked by Apple. If this happens, then I advise you use Signulous / AppValley VIP to get iNDS, the NDS Emulator For iOS 14 & 13. Signulous is a premium 3rd Party AppStore, which does NOT revoke unlike TutuBox. This means you’ll be able to download your DS Emulator iNDS with No revoke/jailbreak/pc!

Learn how to download iNDS iOS 14 & iOS 13 on your iPhone & iPad with this tutorial! iNDS is an awesome DS Emulator for iPhone & iPad, allowing you to play your DS games like Pokemon! If you’re having any issues downloading iNDS on your iPhone or iPad, do let me know in the comments!

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  2. Seriously bro thanks a lot. I've been trying to get inds for ages now to play that wall-e game on the ds. This actually works, I've on had it for a couple hours so idk if it'll get revoked, but this,ethos definitely works

  3. I was able to download the Quandao one fortunately, but it’s just say an internet connection is required to verify the app although it’s already in fact verified in the setting, anyone had encountered this ?

  4. I had tutubox but it stopped working and now I get an error; "Unable to verify app. An internet connection is required to verify the trust of the developer "Iphone distribution" This app will not be available until verified. "I tried deleting it and redownloading it but I get the same error. Please Help

  5. thank you so much this app was not working for me but thanks to you i can finally play pokemon black

  6. Everything works but when I click the share button and import the downloaded game into INDS, it doesn’t come up.
    Please help

  7. It won’t even let me pause the download. What can I do because I really wanna use this emulator

  8. This is soo fucking annoying since I have iOS 10.3.3 and tutuapp VIP was the only thing that worked (tutucrack) and now it's gone and I search everywhere still nothing..

  9. Hey bro can u do updated way how to get fortnite since whenever i do the trick it gets revoked so please

  10. Is Cydia blacklisted?? I was jailbroken with Unc0ver but my device rebooted overnight. I deleted unc0ver since it wouldn’t open, and reset my device. I went over your video and successfully installed Tutubox. Only problem is that it crashes upon opening. I wanna know if I’m doing something wrong or its the not functional Cydia.

  11. Idk but after a few days the app crashes and you need to either wait for another update or repeat the whole process

  12. What’s funny is that Saunders is lying hard ffapple was patched months ago so he’s basically just redirecting you to TutuBox so he makes money from you going on his ads smh he’s doing this so you have to keep try downloading his apps then gets revoked so he gets you coming back

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