I’M CONCERNED! M1X Mac Mini Is MISSING This One Thing…

In this video I discuss and show off the first look leaks about the M1X Mac Mini that possibly coming next month! Also I’m concerned the M1X Mac Mini is Missing some key things that are essential.

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  1. I feed my headphone output to a power amp that drives my speakers, using a 2118 Mini. I want that port, too.

  2. Ok, Ckid, Is this you? I just listened to Rob Base and DJ EZRock "Joy and Pain". Is that you? Sounds like you kid. Yes it does. A younger you but..it sounds like its. you.

  3. the Bluetooth on my M1 sucks.. switched to wired keyboard and mouse and use the 3.5 for audio. I think for super high res lossless and what they are doing with spatial audio an external DAC is going to be a must have for the people serious about quality audio. Look at the issue the current mac mini has, its internal DAC can't handle [email protected] So in the new one do they add say $100 DAC.. half the gear heads will say its not good enough and most people don't want to spend extra on the built in DAC

  4. Is it better to get a display and Mac mini rather than an all in one? I was considering getting the iMac 27” i7/i9 Mac graphics etc

  5. The missing audio jack isnt a concern since if you work with sound, you use a USB audio interface which can run headphones better – including playing non-compressed Apple music files.

  6. man you're just nitpicking. The M1 MacBook Air AND M1 iPad Pro have NO vents OR fans, they DON'T have any heating issues. You think this new M1X Mac Mini which DOES have a vent and active cooling is gonna have heating issues?! FOH

    I'm a creator too, but I use my iPad Pro to import my photos into Lightroom, but I can see how the SD card reader is still needed for a lot of people. They need to get rid of the USB-A ports and let it die already. None of the other Macs have USB-A, so why keep it around. Get rid of USB-A and slap an SD card reader and call it a day.

  7. I wouldn't be so concerned. It's possible the internals were designed specifically for the very low thermal design power (TDP) of the M1X, so they don't need the type of cooling that the current Mac mini has, which was designed for the higher TDP Intel CPU's.

  8. I won’t be happy if they have removed the dedicated audio jack as I need all 4 thunderbolt ports and don’t want to have to buy a hub as well as a new MAC , given Bluetooth will not support the newly announced high definition audio on Apple Music seems a poor decision to remove it.

  9. Do Ou really think Apple will not cool properly with this Form factor and power consumption much below similar devices?
    This mini cost quite a bit and cooling this 65 Watt should be easy.

  10. If you’re concerned about the bottom airflow, you can always flip the Mac mini upside down and then have the airflow going up.
    We’re reaching more and more solid state computers, just like smartphones and tablets, so at some point we might even not need fan at all… unless it’s for a heavy use such Mac Pro or iMac Pro.

  11. 99 likes. But has the Mac mini ever had a SD card slot?

    If the M1X is as powerful as it is expected to be I’d happily be ok with not having a SD slot.

  12. Have you ever owned an Apple product where the space between the USB ports don't allow you to plug in things next to each other?

    Yes lol. Back in middle school some of my friends used to have these USB drives with huge ass rubber designs that blocks the port next to it. Most got it for free from events, but they're ridiculous. 😂😂

  13. if they remove the Headphone Jack its either in the Power Brick or u have to use a usb c to Headphone jack adapter

  14. Are those Bluetooth issues on the current Mini still a thing? Thought they where gone with the latest MacOS Update 🤨

  15. if they didnt remove the headphone jack on the new iMac they aren't gonna remove it on the mini…… there's no real concerns here…. LOL. Plus like you said its a render…. the fan could be in the back where It is now….

  16. Interesting point about the vent location. That being said, the M1 is a more power efficient chip than the Intel chips. M1 Mac Mini used the older case configuration but as you showed in your previous video, there was plenty of extra space that was previously used for the cooling system on the Intel chipped mac Minis. Now that they have sized the case to fit the cooling system that is required for the M1 chip. Heck, that's my armchair opinion.

  17. Weird how I didn't put notifications on but subscribed yet still got notified maybe you are hacking my youtube.


  18. 38 likes here. I do not need a Mac mini, but I really like the idea of a media server for my living room. That being said, it would be a hard sell, considering I bought a new MacBook Pro today….

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