iPad 9 Unboxing: Multitasking, Gaming, Drawing Tests!

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The iPad 9 is the budget or entry level iPad, sure, but as I mention in this video I feel like it’s sort of a wolf in sheeps clothing… meaning: it’s more of a powerhouse than people assume.

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  1. You don't have to have THAT keyboard, I have a logitech keyboard with immaculate trackpad built in and that's on my 8th gen iPad but also works on my 2017 10.5 inch iPad pro.

  2. This Ipad reminds me of my old ipad 2 when looking at the silver color, rip ipad 2, you are always loved

  3. Usb worst and slow charging
    Lighting 2nd best apple charge port
    1st best usb -C best charging overall and very fast

  4. I am excited to buy this as my first iPad but I was wondering if 64gb is enough? Do you know how much space the iOS + apps that are standard on it, take up? I want to use it for Procreate, Netflix, YouTube and reading books

  5. what should I get for a college student the 64gb or 256gb? Planning to use it for notes, assignments (whenever my laptop is used by family), simple video making, simple picture making ?

  6. I'm a very poor YouTuber. I'm a student and don't have money. You guys have so many devices… Please give me one so that I can make a bit better videos for my channel. It is so hard to use my bad mobile phone. Please please please. It will mean a lot to me sir. I really need money to push myself. Please.

  7. I prefer huawei matepad 11. Because it comes with 120 hz screen and free keybord and pencel. Same price my country

  8. But 128 gigs missing which makes a perfect deal for students because students usually perfect deal if you need more than 64gb apple is forcing customer to buy 256gb model I hate this thing and
    Comen on man now it's end of 2021 we are moving to 2022 skin lightening what is it makes sense
    Even I hate some pictures of iOS
    Like if you have windows Pc a very complicated situation when you want to move data to apple any iOS device and the way of working of apps in iOS I hate this man

  9. thanks for the review its worth watching but the table prop behind you is so distracting. please remove that from video if possible

  10. Had a play with the iPad 9 at the shops. The design is really dated. I hope they will update the design to something more like the iPad Air for the iPad 10.

  11. It does make me wish I held off on the iPad 8. That extra 32GB of storage on the 9 seems far better.

  12. I'm gonna buy an ipad for the first time but I can't decide between the iPad 9th gen and iPad Air. The iPad air is a year old and doesn't have features like center stage whereas the 9th gen has thick bezels but is value for money. Is it really worth spending those extra few hundred dollars for the Air from a student's perspective? A video regarding this would really help.

  13. Can the Logitech touch keyboard work with this? I have the OG 2017 10.5 iPad Pro that I wouldn’t mind making a slight upgrade to

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