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0:00 Intro
0:22 Abilities
0:40 (P) Hextech Capacitor
0:54 (1) Shock Blast / To the Skies!
1:37 (2) Hyper Charge / Lightning Field
2:12 (3) Acceleration Gate / Thundering Blow
2:40 (Ult) Mercury Cannon / Mercury Hammer
3:08 Question of the day
3:18 Champion Purpose
6:20 Purpose in team fights
6:53 Champion mechanics
8:32 Good Items
10:25 Conclusion
10:38 Outro

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  1. To all my OG Vainglory players, Event Horizon gives me Ardan vibes (his ult was a barrier that stun you if you tried walking out)

  2. QOTD: the passive XP allows some really aggressive plays from junglers in the very early stages of the game. As a Vi by the time you clear red, raptors, wolves and blue and make your way to the scuttle the enemy Lee sin or rengar have already ganked top and mid probably getting a kill and setting your team behind and losing any lane priority thay they might have

  3. Hopefully riot will make that cage like Thresh's Ultimate . . . .
    It just gonna be to annoying if stunt / freeze >> while this champion build CDR / Haste . . . .
    Btw QOTD nerf few jungle champ depand on aspd & make jex spin bit faster to done >> but nerf the stunt duration i mean why not ?? ┐(´ー`)┌

  4. I hope Patch 2.5 is good, cuz I’ve seen a lot of players thinking about quitting the game due to AFKs, bad matchmaking and a lack of diversity of items and runes

  5. Never skip any ads on any channel with Wildrift content!!!! Even it's freaking Xerox copy MLBB ads bruh!!.

  6. Qotd : i don’t want to change anything about the jungle
    « Veigar is a heavy burst mage » You son of a bitch, I’m in !!!

  7. I think my Veigar will be build like this :
    Item :
    Tear of the Goddes – Rod of Age – Archangel Staff – Lucidity Stasis – Luden's Echo – Rabadon Deathcap – Void Staff
    Rune :
    Electrocute / Aery – Gathering Storm – Conditioning – Manaflow Band

  8. I can see veigar and miss fortune combo from a far. And it will be annoying for tank, unless we get new MR item for defense

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