Review: Promise Pegasus R4i – add TONS of storage to you Mac Pro!

The Promise Pegasus R4i is an internal RAID storage system that utilizes the MPX module in the Mac Pro. The 32TB (8TBx4 7200rpm HDDs) first edition provides 24TB of usable storage in a RAID 5 configuration. Read our full review for more details:

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  1. Very concerned about the cooling, as only the front two drives actually get airflow while the two behind don't.

  2. Why they dont sell this without drives? have already 4x 16Tb HD here, no need for included smaller 8Tb ones…

  3. So essentially this is a replacement for the 'bays' in the previous tower Mac Pro.
    Nice design, obviously not quite as convenient as the former, but these days I can't imagine swapping drives out is a regular task.
    Just a shame about the price…

  4. Imagine paying 3200$ for 4 regular 8tb harddrives and a raid controller. I mean this thing doesn't even use SAS and you loose 2 16x PCIe slots for this.

  5. Can you add 2 of these to create a 64 TB base Raid? (before R5 etc)? How does the R4i compare to 4 8TB SSD OWC PCIe Cards set up in Raid?

  6. I know it’s not officially supported but could you please see if you can fit some other 3rd party drives and still use this device? Say 4×10 or 4x14TB drives for more space? I’d be interested to do expand it.

  7. don't use RAID5. restoring an 8 TB drive in case of failure will take forever and chances are high that you will encounter read errors.

  8. Cooling doesn't look very good. Will probably fail soon…
    $3K for HDD is a RIP off…
    MPX (cough PCI-E) speed same as SATA
    You are better off taking out the 4x 3.5" and putting in 4x 2.5" SSD. Or somebody else should make a caddy with lots more SSD slots

  9. The more I look at the Mac Pro, and the fact there's a 4U formfactor version soon, I think the Mac Pro is really just the XServer that happens to come in a desktop case.

  10. I think 2TB Apple's inbuilt boot up SSDs + Sonnet M.2 4×4 PCIe upto 8TB or Max 16 TB NVMe SSDs.. Total is 2+16 TB and that too SSD and an external source of SATA drives that can attach to other Desktops and ofcourse this one and go nuts with this external source like 50TB

  11. only thing I don't understand is, why it's not an official Apple component, because this way the warranty is not covered by Apple when purchased with Mac Pro…
    btw I doubt the module works if you plug it the way you showed around 4:05 because the MPX power is not in this row lol

  12. Extremely slow for the MPX Slot. Better put the 2. Graphics in and take another Option (4x2TB SSD) @ one of the 8x or 16x PCI. They run up to 15 times faster than the Promise.

  13. So you couldn't take the time to actually go through the installation procedure step by step? This was a waste of time.

  14. 2 thousand dollars for 4 8tb 3.5 inch drives and a internal drive cady + pci to 4xsata3 card(100 bucks) – (that should be sold from apple blank without drives for 200). if it was with enterprise grade sas drives, sure.. but its not. just saying.

  15. Apple has a support document that says for best performance you should install the Pegasus MPX module in slot 1, where the MPX video card is always installed by default (and moving that to another slot) If you installed it in slot 2, that is even worse than using slot 3 since slot 2 is slower!

  16. You didn't show the RAID management software. Do they configure a Hot Spare or is that something you have to do separately. What is there notifications like, RAID 5 if you don't have a hot spare disk you will lose data if you don't swap out the bad drive in a timely manner so notifications are important. Doe the RAID software do hot spot detection and move the data around to cut down on disk wear. Are other RAID levels available can it create two RAID 1 configs or a RAID 10? The RAID software is as important and maybe more than the physical cages.

  17. This is for videographers who shoot projects 2-3 times a week and at any given point have 5 edits in the pipe. The result is lots of external drives on your desk. This solution gets rid of that clutter and risk around my desk! It also allows me to keep my main client projects, who comeback often for revisions, in one space! I can keep going. That’s who this is for.

  18. Not concerned how it looks. How well does it perform? And yes, the drives will go bad after a time. As well designed as it is, I prefer an MPX module that holds like 12 SSDs. Less weight, less power, faster access, no moving parts, no noise, perhaps a little less heat, using a x16 slot, etc. That would be nice.

  19. Mechanical hard drives? I thought they were forgotten, and for $2300, please someone explain me why the value and why it's worth if it's a mechanical hard drive..?

  20. Did 9to5Mac just delete the video of best smartphones in 2019??? I just haven't seen it yet 🙁

  21. Cool. I just think that HHDs have their days written, with SSDs taking over. I'd be very leery of investing in HHD RAIDs at this point in the game. I'd do so only if I had no other option, which, I admit, with current SSD prices many people are cornered at going with HHDs still, until SSDs come down in price considerably…

  22. I think once past the sticker shock the new mac pro is going to be a well received machine. Its modular nature and features it offers are going to make it a winner. I can Imaging SSD versions of this with even more drives in it will be coming in the future.

  23. There appears to be bay LED's but as the cover controls power how are you ever able to see them?

  24. It’s way to big, put in 1 or 2 of the better graphics cards, the after burner, maybe an IO extension and the Mac Pro does not have enough space anymore for this storage module. And i cant think of anyone who’d need this much storage space for one computer, I’d think most people with Mac Pros would rather look at a server based solution.

  25. which toshiba model hdds does this thing have? the x300 is about $250 each, i don't know how much the enterprise models are but the seagate and wd ones are ~$350 and honestly, you don't need enterprise hdds in a mostly fcpx machine. so the price is too much to swallow, i would have sticked to your external storage, the fan can be adjusted maybe. as for speeds, sequential does not mean much, access times and random are the real deal and even though i suppose this pci-e raid card could have some kind of buffer, you can't avoid the bottlenecks that any mechanical 4hdd raid5 will have. overall seems like a solid product but way overpriced and for simple storage tasks.

  26. 2300$ for an HDD caddy 🙈 I would rather invest in a highpoint ssd7103. For 2300$ you’ll get the highpoint & 4 X 2TB Nvme. Whatever floats the boat…

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