Buying a Mac Pro is Stupid…Change My Mind!

I sure the Mac Pro is an amazing thing that can create the God Particle or something, but for mere mortals, buying the Mac Pro is Stupid
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  1. The nbew Mac Pro is worth the price. It is a really powerful workstation that can easily crunch through tasks like graphical rendering, scientific computing and machine learning. It looks great and is more aesthetically pleasing than workstations from Dell and HP that are twice the price. Really love it!! Well done, Apple!!!

  2. Yes stupid over $50k computer just to use final cut or logic what $400 laptop pc can do. It's also stupid…stupid people irresponsible got no money for it buy to cause themselves broke to brag….the fake rich. If you rich and have millions…no problem.

  3. For about $30,000.00 less you can build a beast Rig that runs circles around that overpriced Cheese grater.

  4. It can improve someone's workflow who is working on 3D (game developers, animators) or is doing visual effects that want to stick to the Apple ecosystem. Saving time is important it could be the difference between your employees going home at 7pm vs 12am this mac isn't for the everyday person, its for 3 types of people 1. high in-demand freelancers 2. Companies using the mac ecosystem 3. Mac enthusiasts

  5. people saying that the mac pro is stupid and too expensive are not the target audience. thanks. all the real pros and companies that need those will buy em without even thinking about it.

  6. Its probably soul contracts with animal spirits that look like people that are arranged for the cost of "1 apple" but because they aren't human and know prices, they get debt enslaved to perform their best years without compensation.

  7. Apple behind since g5…2007 industry flip from apple to pc. PC improved alot.yes It's stupid for mac pro 2019

  8. Only rapper's and businessmen/company's can buy it. Also for that price you can get a nice Audi or BMW or even a small plane. Or buy a boat. Or a few atvs/dirtbikes. Or a full set of army guns. Maybe even buy a business. Or travel the world on a yacht or by plane including 5 star hotels. Or a helicopter. Or a Rolex. So much more to do then buying a comp that does the same job as a regular comp

  9. Just ranting and raving…… some people have more money than brains. Those of us that manage our resources and work to pay for each thing they buy don’t to even have to think about whether to buy such an expensive piece of gear or not. I now drive a Chevy and it does as much as the Cadillacs I drove for years. I just don’t impress the people I drive by every day like I used to…….. but I get there in comfort and style. My paid for computers still do more than I can ever use or understand and one of them is 10 years old. My new low end Windoz 10 machine still causes delays in productivity while I look up how to do even common tasks that I can do quickly on the older machines. With the extra money I saved I am spending three months walking the Florida beaches while my in debt friends work in the cold snowy north to pay for their wonderful expensive machines. Such is life…… Thanks for the fun and funny rant.


  10. Yes please explain to me why a peice of crap computer is worth 50,000 when a freaking CyberTruck a fucking car is worth less and had actually better material.

  11. Can you please stop jumping around. This isn’t really appealing. It just isn’t as charismatic as you think. It seems endearing when Linus does that or Jayztwocents from time to time. But if you want to do that you need to actually edit it. Otherwise it is really anxiety inducing. Not saying I don’t agree with the overall opinion in this video (even though complaining about the 52k price that is 50 percent RAM is not really a fair point). Apple just doesn’t do „separate“ devices. Even XServe was on the regular website.

  12. Here’s the thing that bothers me” 20min later “here’s the thing that bothers me”… it sounds like your jealous, who cares is this cost 52k , why does a Bugatti cost 2.8 mil? Get over it

  13. Independent Film Studios love this machine….. this machine isn’t for tech peeps, social media influencers, youtubers, etc.

  14. I agree on your point. This device is the only device that is really only for Pro‘s! But by using such clickbait titles and thumbnails you somehow contribute to the whole thing..

  15. I've always heard that apple and macs were better for things like video processing and the graphics and print industry but I have to call bullshit on it. I've never had problems with my pcs that I built. The programs I used to use would let you not only engage the cpu but also multiple video cards to use as processing power…something no mac pro for 50 grand can ever do.

  16. You could build a more powerful PC for the cost of the monitor stand then the base model Mac Pro.

  17. So it’s not for you but I disagree that it does have a place even at 50k. Do u need a Ferrari no but you can buy one. My 2 cents.

  18. Honestly it's the only REAL computer Apple currently makes the iMac(Pro), MacBook Pro Mac mini is obsolete no upgrade ability. Pcie is still better than TB3 actually Pcie 2.0 is better than TB3 lol Its a better investment IMO

  19. Who cares. There are folks that buy a Ford Fiesta, and folks that buy a Bugatti. Like anything else… A $100 phone or you MUST get this $1500 phone – which most folks don't use for all the features anyway. Again, who cares. If that's how one rolls – Too much hype – and I guess that's the point…

  20. This is nothing but a status symbol for anyone that not working in video editing or design companies. Especially when the stand for the $5K monitor costs $1K by itself.

  21. I don’t think its needed for purely YouTube content creator. I do good freelance jobs a year and I make out of this almost 20K $. Honestly I am thinking of buying the Mac Pro, but not the maxed one because the iMac Pro still is not updated yet. The iMac Pro is the one I need for my work TBH. I don’t need wheels nor the insane amount of ram. I just need a high speed machine which is better than MacBook Pro and can function without thermal issues for consistent longer periods of time. I believe the Mac Pro to some degree is a good machine with ah good price range considering its life span and durability. Definitely will keep my eye on real reviews for couple of months to see if there an issue with this product. Hope apple releases meanwhile the iMac Pro tho

  22. Yes, they will sell between 50,000 to 150,000 a year, and yes, most all of their sales will be to studios and individuals who do need it.

    You obviously don’t do the work that needs it, so no reason to convince you to buy one.

  23. For that price of wheels(+100$) , i got a dell latitude for 500$(get it after been used for 6 mnts only ) and its an excellent laptop …im doing on it lot of coding , little editing , 8 hours battery ,decent sound ,even playing time time soccer evolution PES 2018.

  24. You are correct in that the new Apple December 2019 Mac Pro and even more than that the Apple Pro Display XDR which is on the same level as a Sony $ 40,000.00 "reference monitor" is not for any average user, and most people who product content for YouTube and the like. Why does this irk you so much? Is it the fact than when adjusted for inflation the cost of the 1984 Macintosh is about the same price as the Apple December 2019 Mac Pro with a basic 4K monitor from Amazon?

    For someone in the content creation world you will have to decide what your time is worth. Then if the use of the Apple December 2019 Mac Pro with its current level of power, and speed would justify its purchase now.

    Why is this on Apples website? Yes this will be a status symbol for a number of people the same way their luxury automobiles, and homes are. The thing is pundits like yourself have correctly pointed out is that what Apple was calling Pro in the Mac line was not a true professional level host system. The Apple December 2019 Mac Pro is a true professional level host system. Much like the auto industry we as normals can only hope some of this high end design makes it way down to a new systems more in line with normals. Thing is with Apple the iMac is the design for normals on the desktop.

    What I like about the Apple December 2019 Mac Pro is that it is customizable, and over time more third party products are going to come out for it. Both hardware, and software will be developed and optimized for this system just making it even faster.

    The people I have known over the year in the scientific, and medical worlds are going to love this host system. Very few will need the high end Apple Pro Display XDR except maybe the people at JPL. They will use the power of the main XEON processor, and high end GPU's compute power along with all the ECC memory they can put in this host. Remember that at the heart of the OS for this host is UNIX/FreeBSD based kernal. Some of the base code of programs which have been around for years will be able to use all the power this host system brings. It is a supercomputer on the desktop, or in most cases in the rack.

  25. Not that I fully disagree but you’re turning into a bit of a quack. No matter what youtubers have or do or sell or work on, leave em alone. Stop mentioning Marques or Lew. I think there is a tinge if jealousy but stand on your own dude.

  26. It will be fun to see how fast those 50k mac pro vs the new mac pro in 2 years when thry switch to arm based Cpus. Remember the old quad G5s in 2 years no one was using them any more. The new MacBook will be arm cpu based and the rest will follow because Intel has nothing new… Same like de g5's they ran hot power hungry and there was a good alternative.

  27. You are becoming more and more idiot! (Pauses,off's when you say nothing, leave a subject,etc)

  28. It is unnecessary for a pro but it won't stop them. It makes sense to spend 52 thousand …on a downpayment for a house. You can do the work on cheaper machines. It is a little slower but in a year there will be another macbook pro that will double the time savings of rendering and exporting etc. Even as a pro I feel things are over processed in post. This being said I know the cost of a rupert neve console with all the bells and whistles. (4k for a portico 2 Master bus processor is a fine example) I know what a good SSL console costs. I know how much vintage consoles cost to operate and maintain. Sometimes you need to employ a full time electrician. The electricity bill alone is enough to make you cry. Professional studios use a shit ton of expensive gear to achieve a good sound. If they want to use a 52k computer then they will and it will be written off as a business expense. Those that make youtube videos with a webcam or an iPhone should consider less expensive options. A mac mini maybe.

  29. I can easily justify the need – like the guy on the Apple demo at WWDC, I would run a ton of audio sample s on a Template. But as you mentioned, you van get by ,,, wonder if Hans Zimmer still gets by on a trash can. But he uses Cubase so maybe he is a PC guy?

  30. im not here to change your mind, i just watched a video from a couple years ago and the quality was awful, so i picked your most recent to see how you've improved.. night and day difference, you've put a lot of effort in to looking and sounding more professional

    and macs are for pussies

  31. As an IT tech support, buying this crap is stupid. Inflation value on computers is more important than cars, and what about warranty etc…yeah this is like buying a Ferrari that will be obsolete in maybe 6 years and will value 30% of the original price (if it s not becoming collectors ^^).
    Even for a "rich" company there is no "economic" sense buy it.

  32. so what's the difference in getting a Tesla… you could get a much cheaper car oder something similar….?

  33. well it's not amachine to edit stuid youtube videos is it, it's to create 3D animation for games or maybe record and process film music , stuff like that not for youtubers aight.

  34. Jason I understand you. Once I saw the pricing of the mac pro I had an itch to ditch all my apple products. Apple has become ridiculous in the past years.

  35. Your halting theatrics muddle your point. Are you pissed at Apple for putting out a product that you deem too expensive for YOU? Are you pissed at Youtubers for making it seem their work flow would be forever improved when can get by with, say an iMac Pro?
    Why not, as a musician, see what it can do for you, how the specs and technology included differ from what’s out there. Have a look at Morrison,s latest vid where we see your fellow musicians actually use the damn machine. and offer their thoughts.
    As is, your video is but a mirror image of that other cantankerous "tuber, Lew where nothing 8s learned.

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