The ONLY reason I bought an Apple Watch Series 7…

I bought the Apple Watch Series 7 for some reason. Not a great reason, but I wanted to tell you about it anyway. Also I will tell you why you should consider the Apple Watch Series 7 as well.

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  1. Still rocking the SE (peasant) watch. I’ll consider an upgrade when Apple Watch can go 3 days or more on single charge

  2. Hi Travis, new sub here. I love your channel. I’ll put my Series 7 story in a nutshell. Got up early last Friday, pre-ordered an aluminum Series 7, 45mm. After the trade-in of my Series 6, I’m only paying $218. The only thing I like about the Series 7 are the thinner bezels. Everything else is the same as the 6. That’s it. I just couldn’t pass up such a great deal. Keep doing what you do so well. Excellent channel.

  3. Using the vibration alarm on my series 6 to wake me up in the morning is the killer feature for me. To be woken up by gentle vibration taps on my wrist versus a blaring audible alarm is amazing. It only wakes me up and doesn’t disturb anyone else.

  4. You bought it like all of us watching your video.. we’re tech addicts and we watch tech videos to justify are obsession.. 😂

  5. I caved because I work out at least 1 hour a day and need fitness tracker. While i like the samsung round form more, I bought this because galaxy watch 4 dont work on iphones.

  6. I sold my Apple Watch on swappa for $420 it was a titanium series 5 with cellular and now I’m getting the stainless steel model so it cost me around $350+ after tax and I also had a $50 gift card from apple

  7. I bought the new watch because I’m always at work
    Here and there and need something more portable
    Plus it’s dust and water resistant
    Plus it’s my first time having one

  8. 3:56 hey Travis, Samsung's Tizen is just as frustrating. I have to reset my Gear S3 Classic watch each time I switch phones. It's not a simple Bluetooth pairing. It's a whole watch reset.

  9. the problem with apple is that the ecosystem is so closely intertwined and restrictive that once you get into the system you need to buy all the other apple products to get the benefits and less restrictions, I always use android phones for their superior productivity and free access and multi tasking and generally just better hardware, but they dont play well with macbook pros, so I had to swtich to iPhone, i wanted the samsung galaxy watch 4 becuase it is better then the apple watch, but sadly it now requires google mobile services to run so no longer compatible with IOS, so i have to get the apple watch, i wanted the huawei tablet or samsung S7 tab but they are just too big for my specific needs so guess what, I had to get the ipad mini, this is what apple do and are renowned for, I am also now one of those bloody sheep begrudgingly

  10. I am just in the process of my deep dive in the eco system. Left with the iPhone 7 and decided to get back to apple because I love the way the ecosystem evolved. So I got a iPhone 13 pro, air Tags, air pods pro and just ordered the series 7 Apple Watch.
    I love smartwatches for mountainbiking or hiking, it’s just way more convenient for navigating the environment than using your phone. Ofcourse paper maps and compass is the preferred way but that’s too slow for the bike.

  11. Apple roped me in too and I have the AppleWatch SE. Excited to see the new iPad Mini video you do next!

  12. I just ordered a Series 7 yesterday. I am upgrading from the Series 3, which I purchased when it first came out. I have become frustrated that I have to erase my Watch and start over from scratch EVERY time I update the OS. I have WANTED to purchase a newer Watch because of the health monitoring but the frustration over my Series 3 memory was the primary reason to upgrade; I decided I just couldn't wait another year.

  13. When I first got my watch I was so confused I had moto 360 for years from launch date. And I ready to text and when I find out there was no keyboard I was like WTH I had an Android for decades that can do it and everyone raving about Apple Watch but don’t have a keyboard…. Fast forward to Apple Watch 7 with the keyboard 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  14. 😭😭😭😭 I’m in the same boat. Now I have AirPods, iPad,Apple Watch and a phone. That’s it for me tho. Not getting no Mac. I use windows for work all day everyday

  15. I ordered the GPS/Cellular 45mm titanium case. Of course I bought with it house money. Have over a half million in their stock. Other than that——don’t 😳

  16. TMCP .. I am a watch enthusiast and have a collection of affordable watches … I do have a series 5 as a try out for smart watches evendo my preference are automatic tradisional watches … Have to say apples watches are useful for workout activities and as a fashion use… and I have no regrets adding one to my collection…

  17. wooooooooo xD lol that's damn true hha First iPad 12.9 i like android but right now I have iPhone hha this week I bought a series 7 i want stop now hahahah damn you apple xD

  18. Hey thanks for doing I thought about getting the series 7 watch but it doesn't come with any new health features compared to the six so yeah the nicer bigger screen is great but if you wanted it for some of the Cool tech that was coming or that was talked about coming it was a little bit of a let down.

  19. Picking up my series 7 on Friday. I went with cellular version this time. Being at amusement parks over the summer always keep watch on but phone in locker.

  20. Could you do a vid on apple wallets 2021 magnet strenght compared to any other 3 rd party wallets thats just as good ,,,and maybee a vid on magsafe car mount chargers ILOVE IT, SINCE I INSTALLED IN CAR ,I THINK EVERYONE SHOULD

  21. Apple Watch, every release, has a big problem = poor battery life. Can barely make it through one day. For that reason I given up on Watch 3 and bought Amazfit T Rex with 3 weeks battery!


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